Demolition Day Three

Check out Day 1 and 2 here in case you missed it yesterday.

Yesterday we went from having lots of leftover wall parts (aka support beams/framing) late in the afternoon…


To a completely open room!


More sawing revealed…


Even more water damage.


As disappointed as we were to find even more damage, Alex was able to pull out the old shower pan, which was a solid 4 inch chunk of concrete topped with tile (**for all of you (like me) non-bathroom experts – a shower pan is apparently the contraption that is under your shower tile but above the wood to help block water seepage). It was as heavy as sin – so getting it out was a huge success!DSC_0765

More dark brown (wet) wood = more rotted, damaged floor boards. Our old shower pan clearly did it’s job well. HA. HAAA!

The dogs have been curious little angels through this ordeal! They’ve barely gotten in the way and enjoy laying out front of the bathroom to watch all of the action. In case you forgot what those two mutts looked like…



This afternoon Mike, my father-in-law, is flying out to stay with us for a couple weeks to help us replace the entire bathroom. We’re so grateful that he’s willing to help and are eager to learn from him! Hopefully, within the next two weeks I’ll be able to show you a ton of progress!!

WELP — That’s all for now.

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Demolition Day Three

  1. My goodness, what a mess, but you will have a beautiful new bathroom soon, which you surely will enjoy. Glad Mike was able to come help, he’s done a “few” jobs! Loved the pictures of you two, especially that on Alex hanging upside down! Keep the fun in life!

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