Demolition Derby

It’s ironic that my last post was celebrating all of the seemingly small changes that we’ve made to our home over the last year. While each alteration on it’s own didn’t amount to very much, all of the changes together started to transform our house. It seems that as soon as you get comfortable with everything, something is bound to happen to turn your priorities upside down.

Case Study #1

Up until now, we’ve gotten away with making change after change without having to tear down any walls, rip up tiles, or even use a sledge hammer for that matter. But boy, oh boy, has that all changed!

We’ve had an uphill battle with our master bathroom since the day we moved in. First of all, it’s ugly (the least of all of worries, really). Second, we’ve had plumbing issues that have resulted in leaks. There was a bug issue that I’d rather not go into seeing as I’d like to keep my dinner inside of me tonight.

Leaks were repaired. Sheet rock was re-hung. Shower was de-bugged. All is good in the world.


This past weekend we realized that there was water soaking up through our grout and absolutely drenching our floor mats. After a quick walk down to the garage, we also noticed (JOY!) that said water has (again) leaked through the floor boards and into the garage ceiling.

This time around – there was no quick fix. We couldn’t keep putting off the inevitable. Our bathroom was assembled poorly, creating tons of leaks and resulting in massive amounts of damage to other rooms of our house. Damn.

After we evaluated our finances we decided it was go time.

Day 1

Here’s a before picture of Alex’s vanity and our neat-o toilet room. You know, so you can lock yourself into a room — into another room.. when you need to take a poo. Whatever. We took that second door down the day we moved in.


Here’s the inside of our dungeon shower. It’s fancy.


You missed what those super cute decals look like? Oh, sorry. Here’s a close up.


ANYWAY – First, we ripped out the vanities. While the countertops were the most offensive part of the package, white plastic-y vanities wouldn’t be our first choice (neither would these magnificent lights).


The floors had to go.


Oh what’s all that dark brown stuff, you ask? WATER DAMAGE.


Next? Some sheet rock.



Oh – speaking of damage. Look at this gem.


That’s quality damage right there, folks.

Moving on…

Day 2

Today we…

Took down more walls.


Finished ripping out shower tiles.


Pulled down the concrete backing.


Took a couple silly pictures (you can’t be too serious throughout such a disaster).



It’s been a long couple of days.

Enjoy this video as I sleep.

Don’t judge the girls in bikinis…

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