One year ago, Alex and I moved into our first home. We spent over a month packing up our old life into neatly packed boxes and, with a little help from our friends, moved into our home starting last January 21st.

Opening the door for the first time!

Our helpers!

Within a week, we had unpacked our belongings and started planning out another phase to our life together. We knew that there were things we wanted to change about our house to make it a little more us and a little less the couple that we purchased it from.

Home Sweet Home

We quickly replaced the carpet in the basement.

Followed (of course) by painting the basement.

Work in progress 🙂

We got rid of all of the nasty curtains.

And purchased new blinds.

We took down the tacky light fixtures.

And hung new ones.

We stripped some wallpaper.

And built a garden.

Then, we realized we needed a fire pit.

Somewhere along the way, we decided to get married.

We even went on a honeymoon.

We re-grouted our shower floor.

And painted the kitchen.

We even got a new roof (which was quite the hefty purchase).

We started replacing appliances.



Washers and Dryers. (pictures to come!)

We fixed electrical and plumbing problems.

We greeted a new member to our family (Hi, Bailey boy!)

And said a sad farewell to friends.

We got new furniture, a new fireplace, lots of rugs, and (even) a couple TVs.

No new house can come without new tools. So, those were purchased as well.

We walked around our house this weekend celebrating each small change that we’ve made. As we listed them out, it sure seemed like we’ve done a ton. And although we’re looking forward to continually shaping our house into the home we want it to be, we try to fully appreciate the way it is today.



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