Happy Friday Folks!

It was a beautiful drive on my way to work this morning. I braved driving off the road to take this little snapshot for you.

No, I’m just kidding. I was stopped at a stop light. Safety first, kiddos. Didn’t they teach you anything in grade school?

  • Don’t pick your nose
  • Share with others
  • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • And most importantly, don’t take pictures on your iPhone while you’re driving


Last night after our Insanity workout, Alex and I met my mom, Margaret, and Kathy for dinner and drinks. We had a great time chatting away! We talked out Alex’s latest deployment, good books we’ve read lately, cooking, guns, and Mormonism. Quite the combination, huh??

Once we got home, we dropped on the bed (with the pups) and watched a few episodes of Raising Hope. After a long day, a tiring workout, good conversations, and a beer – it was the perfect way to end the night.

This morning started just as every work day does — WITH A SMOOTHIE, of course!!! I’m a smoothie kind ‘a gal. When Alex and I started dating (pre-smoothie obsession days) we bought a cheapo blender to make fruity alcoholic drinks in the dead heat of summer. As I started to perfect the art of smoothie making, the ol’ dumpy blender really wasn’t cutting it any longer. For Christmas Alex got me a super dooper high-tech fancy pants BlendTec blender. Now it takes me a whole whopping 40 seconds to whip up the most delicious breakfast ever.

Here are some of my smoothie tricks –

  • NO ICE!!!
  • Use all frozen fruit
  • Milk makes your smoothie taste more like a milkshake, whereas juice makes it taste more like a traditional fruit smoothie
  • Greek yogurt makes your smoothie way (for lack of a better word) smoother than regular yogurt
  • You should add your ingredients in this order for the perfect blend:
  1. – liquids
  2. – semi-solids (yogurt)
  3. – solids (spinach, non frozen fruit)
  4. LAST IN – anything completely frozen

My favorite smoothie right now is a combination of: milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, (FROZEN) grapes, 1-2 bananas, cherries, blackberries, a splash of honey, and wheat germ.

The wheat germ gets completely ground up and you would have no idea it’s in there. Whenever I have the chance to add some extra fiber into my food – I’m down!

Step 1

Step 2

All Done!

I think Alex regrets buying me the BlendTec. He’s stuck eating liquid breakfasts for months. Poor Baby.

Weekend Plans

Tonight we’ll be busting out Insanity before grabbing a drink (it is Friday after all)! We’ll probably be spending a good portion of the weekend car shopping. Wahoo! If the car shopping doesn’t work out in our favor – we may bust out our painting supplies!

What are your weekend plans??

And to leave you….


One thought on “Smooth/Moves

  1. I’m so jealous of your blender! I’ve been on a milk, spinach, banana and frozen strawberry kick for a while. I add Splenda with fiber for sweetness but I need to switch up my fruit!

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