Little Men

These two little guys are so very special.


Hunter was an only child dog for two years before Bailey came into our household. Instead of acting jealous or aggressive, he simply took Bailey under his wing. Hunter watches over Bailey, he cares for him, he follows him around, and (more importantly) plays with him nonstop.

The affection is not one sided though. Bailey adores his big brother too. It’s really cute.


Look at this little gem.


The little numbskulls! They decided not to hang out with Momma tonight. They’re still hanging out in the bedroom just like this.

Besides taking pictures of the dogs all day, I did a ton of cleaning! I’m always in shock as to how much dog hair these two mutts produce. I can sweep and vacuum every day and that’s still not enough.

I also juiced ten limes. 017

I used the juice of two limes and some of yesterdays jalapenos and made some glorious salsa.


I also washed not only our sheets but our duvet and extra pillow covers as well.



I also scrubbed bathrooms, washed rugs, and sorted/filed/shredded mail.

I had planned to bake cookies and wrap presents tonight but I’m losing steam. My feetsies  hurt, my mind is tired, and it’s getting late. (Yes, 8 o’clock is late for me) – I guess all that good stuff will have to wait for tomorrow night! I’m thinking about a hot bath, a good book, and then BED!

Oh by the way – I just check on the dogs. They’ve moved a tad.


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have a wonderful week lying ahead of you.

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