Good Friends

There’s just something magical about good friends, isn’t there? Where do they come from? Isn’t it a miracle that you bumped into each other one day, both decided to take a leap, found something in common, and struck a beautiful relationship with one another.


Sometimes you met because you worked together.





Or maybe you lived in the same apartment complex.

Who knows, you may have even been in the same sorority.111101


Or you grew up together and shared each other’s fears about growing older and leaving home.

Something happens along the way though.

You all grow up.

You become adults. Along with the joy that comes with living on your own, comes responsibility. Each of you begin to get your footing in the world.

You graduate. You get a job. Some of you may lose loved ones and grow up faster than your friends. You find girlfriends/boyfriends. Heck, you might even break up and find yourself a new one. Then, you all find a spouse and settle down.

Hopefully you’ll find those friends that even if you don’t talk every week or even every month, once you do – you’ll fall right back into the swing of things.

The problem lies when all of these little steps on your journey don’t coincide with those of your friends. One day you may realize that the friends you’ve known for years don’t have much in common with you anymore.

When that precious flame of friendship begins to die, how do you rekindle it? Especially when you each have your own lives, different friends, new interests and no longer live across the street/upstairs/down the road. 224

Is it ever too late to reach out to old friends and try to patch the greatness that once was? Or sometimes do you have to realize that while you may not have much in common now, hopefully in a few years you’ll both grow up a bit and rekindle?

What if when you do reach out to those friends and your attempts are ill received? Do you simply give up?


To all of my dear friends that I’ve lost contact with over the years, I miss each and every one of you. I whole heartedly hope that you are doing well and have found a deep happiness in your life. Maybe I haven’t reached out to you for fear of rejection, but I assure you that I think of you all often. I certainly would not be the person I am today without knowing you.

And with that – I say goodnight! (The doggies do too!)



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