Shall we catch up?

Hello all. As I mentioned earlier today, it feels fantastic to be back to my blogging ways. The post that WordPress suspended me for is still on my page, check out “Let’s Talk about Books, Baby.” After reading this post, you may notice that I –in no way, shape, or form, violated any type of “Terms and Conditions”. I merely noted what books I had (and had not) been enjoying. I disclosed my new, growing love for books on CDs and I left you with some pictures of the pups. Hardly against the rules, right?

For weeks my frustration and anger grew as my blog was not reactivated. What had I done for such an action to be justified? I was left confused and irritated. I began researching how to migrate my content to a site that was self hosted. However, I kept coming across the same problem.

Blogging for me is purely a hobby. It’s an outlet for me to discuss what’s happening in my life and a fantastic medium for Alex (when he’s deployed), my family, the in-laws, and all my friends to stay up to date with what’s going on in our household. I don’t sell myself and advertise on my site for many reasons. Mainly, I want it to stay a hobby and never feel like it’s something that I have to do. Because I do not and will not make any money from blogging, my concern became – how much am I willing to spend to self host a site per year for something that I do merely for fun?

Regrettably, I still do not have an answer to that question. I will mention that this “accidental” suspension has happened to me twice over the last six months out of an (almost) two year blogging “career.” I am extremely displeased with how the system screens what I write and if I use a certain number of “trigger” words, a logarithm will automatically pick up my blog and deactivate it. After multiple unhappy emails to the WordPress team, my page always comes back. I can’t help but to think — what if it doesn’t come back next time though. What if I lose the 400 posts that I’ve spent countless hours pouring over? We shall see, I guess.

So, there you have it. My ongoing feud with this silly blog hobby thing of mine.

Now, let’s see… what have I been up to lately?

Well, I’m already on my fourth week of work at my new job. Time flies! It seems like I just put in my two weeks… The new job is going just swimmingly (good word huh??). It’s funny how something as simple as a job can completely change your outlook on life and your overall happiness. Even if this job didn’t come with great benefits and a nice salary increase, I would still take it – just to be a genuinely happier person.

There was also Thanksgiving somewhere thrown in the mix. My mom and I drove up to our family’s house in West Virginia to enjoy the long weekend. Family friends, Joe, Anissa, Alyse, Raz, and JoeJoe, were there as well. We spent the weekend eating (and drinking) too much rolled into a giant ball of laughs. Surprisingly, I didn’t take a single picture of our Thanksgiving meal or (even more shockingly) our company. However, I did walk away with a ba-gillion pictures of the dogs. Figures.





What else have I done? It’s so hard to look back and remember all of the insignificant details. I’ve made some yummy recipes. I really can’t remember what though.. OH! My wedding album and CD full of pictures were finally delivered. I’ll post some of my favorites in a separate posty post (this one is getting a little lengthy as is Smile) Well… here’s one.


Yesterday I had a deep cleaning session at home. I’m talking about scrubbing the baseboards and everything! After the home was nice and tidy, I started to decorate for Christmas. Now – after all of that cleaning, it looks like a bomb went off. There are boxes all over the basement, fallen sparkles trekked up the stairs, and Christmas mugs still looking for their new homes. I’m really glad I spent almost the entire day cleaning — just so I could destroy the house again. COOL!

The tree is still tucked away in our shed because 1.) It’s too heavy for me to carry and 2.) There is no way that I’m putting up the tree without Alex. Christmas is our thing and I was really hesitant to even start decorating without him. It’s just not the same! Once again though, I hiked up my big girl pants and took the Christmas plunge by myself. I even set up these cute little LED lights on the walkway up to our front door and hung baby wreaths inside.

Speaking of Alex, the man of the house should be home in no more than two weeks. The exact date is still up in the air, but he should be here, safe and sound, before Christmas. These last three months has absolutely flown by. It’ll be nice to have his company again. Hopefully he’ll still think I’m cute Winking smile

I guess that’s enough for now. I have so much to say; I could go on for hours! I don’t want to overwhelm you though. I’ll be back soon with another update for you kiddos. Wedding pictures too — wahoo!!!


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