School Night!

The doggies and I have been busy over the last week.

You know… busy eating sticks and other good stuff out of the yard.


Last Monday was my last day at my old job. Although it was bittersweet leaving, a big part of me felt fantastic walking out of those doors. Over the last two years, I’ve grown close to many of my coworkers and I’ll miss seeing them every day.

Just as all vacations go, this week has flown by all too quickly. I was able to care of lots of odds and ends around the house. In addition, I squeezed in a doctor’s appointment and an oil change. My mom and I also went outlet shopping in Delaware (yay no sales tax!). I spent more money that I had planned and anticipated, but left with a ton of my Christmas shopping done.


Having the week off between jobs was relaxing and definitely enjoyed. However, I’m not sure that I would want any more time off than my one week. Even though I’ve been keeping myself busy and checking things off my To-Do list, I still kinda feel like a bump on a log. I’m looking forward to having busier days again. This little work hiatus has made me realize that I would be a crappy non-working spouse. I need work in my life to feel accomplished, stay entertained, and most importantly –> keep my sanity.


Oh! I was able to get a few random Pinterest recipes accomplished throughout my time off!

I made a yummy, moist pumpkin bread.


I made lemon ice cubes Smile


And a super easy, fast, and delicious salsa.


In fact, half of the salsa is conveniently hanging out in the freezer waiting for Alex to come home.


I feel like I’m back in elementary school getting ready for the first day of school. Should I pack my lunch now? No… I should probably wait until at least dinner time. I’m definitely going to pick out my outfit today though Smile Maybe I’ll even start getting my junk for my new desk in one central location. You wouldn’t believe the amount of crap that I threw away from my old desk! It was gross.

Anyway! The rest of my day will be picking up the house a bit (I’ve been cleaning one thing every day… i.e vacuum one day, sweep the next, dust the following, then the bathrooms, and so on… it makes cleaning SO much easier). I’ll finish watching the Steelers game, get ready for tomorrow, and prep some meals for this week. What a Sunday!

How was your weekend??


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