Six Months

Six little baby months ago today, I married my better half.


I remember when it was six months until our wedding and in the blink of an eye –> we’re already married and six more months have passed. Man, time really does fly!

As soon as the wedding was over, I was so happy not to have to think about it any more. Our nights were free of making favors, gluing crap together, and worrying about all the little things that could go wrong on our special day. The last thing that I wanted to do was go back and do it all over again. However, now that all the wedding stress seems like it was ages ago I find myself missing all the wedding talk.

I’m definitely guilty of looking at the Wedding section of Pinterest and living vicariously through all the new brides Smile

Since we’re not together, we really won’t be celebrating today. (Honestly, I’m not even sure that Alex will get a chance to call today) Besides – it’s not like six months is any great milestone that we’re reached. It is a good day to reflect on our marriage and relationship though. So here goes!


Three changes in our relationship since we took the big leap:

1. Forgiveness is easier to come by. Conflict in any relationship is inevitable. Whether you’re dealing with a parent, a boss, a friend, a child, or a spouse there will always be disagreements and differing opinions. Healthy conflicts will only make the relationship stronger and more secure. Since we’ve been married, fights are a little less about who is right and wrong and a little more about strengthening our partnership. It’s been easier to say, “I’m sorry” and even easier to accept the other’s apology.


2. Finances are a little less complicated. Before we got married we had two separate bank accounts. I paid for certain bills while Alex picked up the others. When we went out to restaurants or to the grocery store, we would often take turns grabbing the bill. Now that all of our money is pooled together, our expenses are easier to take care of. With money issues taken out of the equation, it’s one less thing to worry/disagree about.


3. Communication is more open. I’m not much for confrontation. When something bothers me, I tend to ignore the problem and hope that it goes away. I’ve also been known to bitch about it to anyone that will listen besides the source of the problem. Lately when I have an issue I haven’t been bottling it all up just to explode down the road.


When people mention that marriage is a lot of work, they really aren’t lying. It’s a beautiful bumpy ride though. You learn about yourself, about your partner, and who you both want to be as a spouse.


I can’t wait to continue the journey! What a great six months!

Now I’m going to go celebrate by making pumpkin cream cheese muffins and watch football for the rest of the day! Smile

What have you been up to all weekend?


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