Home Fantasies

Lately I’ve been spending a large amount of time browsing Pinterest. If you are not an avid blog reader then you may not know about the joys of Pinterest yet. If this is the case, immediately stop what you are doing and head on over to the site (click here!). This site will bring you hours upon hours of sheer happiness. You thought you needed a glass of red wine? No, you just need to look through the “DIY + Craft” section of Pinterest for six hours.

Besides planning the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day Alex comes home –> I also spend a TON of time in the “Home Décor” section. While Alex and I are very happy in our current home, we will always have dreams of our “perfect house.” I’m sure the future babies of ours will slightly get in the way of saving money for said house, but hey, a girl can dream.

This evening I looked through all of the images that I have “liked” in the past. I’m starting to think that there is a trend in my ideal home. I guess it’s a good thing that I know what I want! Here are a few of my favorites!








(Alex – you keep telling me to pick out bathroom stuff that I like. Well, I found it. Can you buy me this bathroom? Please? I’ll love you forever! I promise. I’ll even fold your laundry for a year (and you know how I feel about folding clothes Smile) Deal? Cool!)


Hmm. Now I’m just wondering how much money per paycheck I need to start saving to be able to afford a home like this. What are some things that I could live without? Food? For this house –> Definitely. Water? Shoot… who needs water? Not this girl. Dogs? Get rid of ‘em!

(I am now walking over to Hunter and Bailey to apologize. I’m a bad, bad mom.)

I do “like” other things as well. Like this little gem.


If our Christmas card looks strangely similar to this this year, sorry! I’m not sure that I can resist Smile

Have a good night kiddos!


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