Trick or Don’t

What’s going on with kids these days?

I was so, sososo, so excited about getting dozens of cute little kiddie pies at my doorstep this evening! (See excited face below)


Then they took awhile to get here so I was just moderately happy. (See normal smiley face to follow)


Finally, I realized that I was only going to get a total of eight trick or treaters and I got super bummed out. (See me being upset below)


Oh well! There is always next year! Maybe I’ll freeze the 600 bags of candy that I bought. Do you think that they’ll still be good 365 days from now? Smile No, I guess probably not! That’s what you have co-workers for – to pawn off unwanted goodies!

The dogs got a kick out of barking all evening though! They had no idea that the little witches and Spidermen at the door were actually just little people. Poor dogs.

Yeah, they’re so neglected. Can’t ya tell?? Winking smile


Hmm.. I guess I’ll just have to have one more Milky Way before bed (you know since there is a shortage of them in this house (I don’t want to get greedy or anything!))

Goodnight kiddos!


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