Has everyone seen this magical video on Youtube?

I really like how they took holiday spirit up a notch. Alex and I like to deck out our house in festive autumn attire as soon as fall officially rolls around. And you better believe that the day after Thanksgiving we’re rollin’ out our Christmas decorations. In fact, when Alex “kills Christmas” and makes us take everything down each year, I go into a mini depression. I think that I just have a hard time letting things go. It’s a personal struggle – don’t judge.


Anywho— The this video is really getting my creative wheels movin’! Can imagine their electric bill though? Or even more unimaginable is what it would be like to be the family that lives across the street.

Those poor folks.

Besides the classic This is Halloween from A Nightmare Before Christmas, this family has made their house sing along to Party Rock Anthem, Thriller, Monster Mash, and many others. Check them out on Youtube! I thing need to take a trip out to Riverside, CA to watch it in all it’s glory. Apparently they have over 140 “channels.” That’s impressive.

However, with the snow yesterday and the Christmas decorations displayed at all of the stores already it’s a little difficult for me to stay in the Halloween state of mind. I’m already to jump to Christmas! (What a surprise??) Although I will say that I am pretty pumped up to continue the childhood obesity problem tomorrow and hand out gobs of candy to cute little kiddos!


I had a fantastic afternoon watching the Steelers decimate the Patriots. I love the Steelers just about as much as I hate the Pats… so good day all around. My mom stayed at my house for a few days so I had great company too!  All that was missing today was the mister. I’m really looking forward to the day he gets home so we can enjoy our Sundays together! Soon I’m going to start to count the weeks till he gets home.

Because I’m weird? No.

Because I’m listening to Michael Bublé’s “Home” over and over again? Maybe. I’m an “emotional cutter.” I start to feel sad and I listen to sad songs incessantly to apparently make me feel worse. I’m not sure why. I can’t be along in this struggle; you do this too right?

The rest of my night includes a bath, a good book, Dexter, and maybe a couple more go ‘rounds of “Home.”


Goodnight! And Happy (almost) Halloween!


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