Times are A-Changin’

I have been waiting a long time to write this post. While part of my life will be closing it’s doors, I am more than excited to get started with my new challenge.


Yesterday I put in my two weeks notice at my current job.

This really has been a long time coming for me and it certainly felt good to make a decision and start a new path. While I may have mixed emotions about leaving, obviously everything wasn’t perfect or I would not have  even thought about finding a new job.

I don’t want to say anything nasty about the company because in my mind, it truly was a great place to work. I got fantastic industry experience, I met and became friends with so many colleagues, and (most importantly) I grew both professionally and personally. Honestly, with all of the ups and downs it was still overall a very positive two years.

However, in the last few months I noticed a trend in the decisions that were being made. I really was beginning to feel like my best interests were no longer in mind. I knew that it was time that I took a leap and start looking out for me. I started to job hunt and once I did, there was no turning back. It seemed like there were so many other opportunities out there!

I applied for a new job and received a call the very next day to set up an interview. Less than 48 hours later, I was on my way home from a fantastic interview and I just couldn’t wait to celebrate. Ten days after that interview, I was offered the job.


Although the commute will be longer, the job itself (and the money Winking smile) is completely worth it! I will finally be doing something that I am interested in; that alone is such a good feeling. I start my new job two weeks from this coming Monday and I will have five glorious days off between jobs.

The last time I had five days off at one time was for our honeymoon. And before that? I don’t know… I guess since before I took my current job!


I’m nervous, excited, anxious, and scared all wrapped into one. These next few weeks will certainly be a big adventure for me and a beginning of a new chapter.


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