Weird Illnesses

I feel like I’m one of those people that weird, bizarre crap happens to constantly. I tell a story and, more often than not, I receive responses along the lines of, “Yeah… that would happen to you.”

I’m the kind of person that would get stuck in the rain, run out of gas, and then get a speeding ticket on the way to an important interview/meeting. I am that person on the side of the road that just happens to be walking by a large puddle at the same time a car flies by and gets drenched.

I also get really strange illnesses. I can never just have… a cold or the flu.

My mom used to tell people when I was growing up that I am the sickest healthy person that you’ll ever meet.

Don’t get me wrong, my overall health is fine and that I am thankful for every day. I know how devastating poor health can be personally and to an entire family. Please take my rambling with a grain of salt Smile

So anyway… back to the story. Sickest healthy person, right. As a kid I would get the most bizarre illnesses. I commonly got bladder infections that could send my fever over 1o3 –> over and over and over again. I could barely keep medicine down and when I did, it didn’t seem to help. After countless tests, they finally found the culprit… I wasn’t peeing enough.

I am not even kidding with you.

In college I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year and came down with Scarlet Fever.

Is that even still a thing?

It sure is, kiddos. So they gave me penicillin to cure my ailments. Guess what? It turns out I’m allergic to penicillin and had a severe reaction that sent me right back to the doc’s. No joke.

I’ve broken my tailbone, had stress fractures in my shins, broken almost all my toes, and currently – I have a bone in my foot that needs to be removed (why? so weird.)

Lately, I have had extremely chapped lips for about 5 weeks. As soon as I think they are getting better, they seem to start all over again. I’ve tried every remedy I can think of and that Google can spit out for me. My next attempt to remedy the situation is to buy a humidifier (and there is nothing that you can do to stop me, HUSBAND!).

Also, around this time every year the skin on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet peel. Like a snake – peel. I completely shed a layer of skin. This just started for me yesterday, my luck day.

Now, I’m going to be sleeping in those socks and gloves that have the intensive cream in them + Vaseline for the next couple of weeks. Fun.

It’s really a miracle that Alex loves me through all my oddities. The only reason why I’m tell you all of this is because if I have learned anything lately, I know that no one is alone with their issues. I know that you all must have had weirdo illnesses in your lifetimes as well. And maybe, just maybe — one of you have had the skin on your hands and feet peel too and you have found a cure.

And if you have, I would like it. I would even buy you a beer if you shared it with me.

That’s all for tonight. So random. Enjoy my dogs.



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