Not-So-Quality Shots

This even I was gently scolded by the mister for not putting up enough recent doggie pictures lately. I keep telling him how big Bailey is getting, but without photos – my words are certainly not as convincing. I made a promise that this evening I would go picture crazy with the pups.

For some reason, they were extremely unphotogenic  tonight. They never once stopped playing! Normally, I feel like I take pretty decent pictures for really have little to no camera knowledge. Sure, I probably know more than the average folk, but things like “aperture” don’t really mean anything to me.

Tonight I had some photo failures. Let’s check them out…

Case 1: Alert and attentive Bailey and no Hunter.


Case 2: Neither dog is paying any attention.


Case 3: Holy Teeth.


Case 4: Apparently Bailey is giving Hunter a neck massage.


Case 5: Cute dog faces all around.


Case 6: “I don’t want to pose anymore Ma!”


I got a couple of decent pictures. And again – I don’t mean good… I mean decent.



It’s been a rowdy night here!  The boys are just starting to relax – good thing too! Just in time for bed Winking smile

(We’re all feeling a little better today! Yay!)


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