Nitty Gritty Poo

I actually wrote this post yesterday, but for some reason I pressed, “Publish,” closed my computer, and went to bed like normal – however – my post was never actually published. So.. I guess you’ll get two for today.


As I started to write this post all I wanted to talk about was feeling deflated, lonely, and all around wanting to cry.  The weird thing is that I really don’t have anything more to cry about besides being a little lonely. Honestly, nothing is going wrong – at all. What’s the deal?


So I decided to put my big girl pants on and quit feeling sorry for myself. Yeah, I may have had to clean up dog crap from the basement yesterday after work. It certainly could be worse though. I guess the alternative would be to have no dogs to have poop to clean up after?

No dogs < Cleaning up poop. It’s simple math, folks.


I’m looking on the positive side (or at least trying to). Every fight makes you stronger and if anything forces you to continually work on being a better friend, spouse, and daughter. Each seemingly meaningless task that you perform daily brings you new skills and experiences.

Sitting in awful traffic will increase your patience. Rainy days make you appreciate the sunny ones. I know that I’ve mentioned this before but it seems like a reoccurring theme:

If everything was perfect all the time, you wouldn’t even notice. 

Because how would you even know that it was perfect?

You will get sick. You will have bad days. You will get frustrated, crabby, snotty, and even smelly Winking smile. Those you love will have equally bad days and their moodiness will rub off on you. Some days…. you may even have to clean up poop (from allllll overrrrr the basement).

There is nothing that you can do besides to just… carry on. (And clean up the poop!)


Maybe sometime in the future, you will be able to see humor and levity in a tough situation that you went through. Heck, I know I have!


We are 1/3 of the way through this deployment!

Doesn’t 1/3 of anything seem pretty darn close to 1/2? So… basically we’re 1/2 way through. And once you are 1/2 of the way finished with something, the second half flies by and you are practically done.

So…. we’re done already? Alex is coming home next week? Tomorrow? Now?

Oh, that’s not how life actually works. Just my crazy head. Dangit.

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