Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend was one of the most ridiculous, random, and utterly fun weekends I’ve probably ever had.

A few months ago, our friends, Suzzette and Joe, moved to New York to explore further career opportunities. Doesn’t it seem like finding couple friends seems increasingly more difficult as you get older? Either way, Alex and I were definitely upset when they packed their belongings and drove up north.

Making new friends is certainly not easy in a new state and with Alex being away, we both really needed something to look forward to. Finally, we decided to plan a trip and meet in the middle.

Kim (another awesome friend and prior neighbor) met me after work on Friday afternoon and we made the 2.5 hour drive to Danville, PA. (With only one CD in the car and no radio stations!)

What’s in Danville, you ask?


And a Red Roof Inn.


We dumped our bags in the room and tried to find the closest store around that sells some resemblance of alcohol. Who would guess that this magical middle town closes it’s liquor store doors at the ripe hour of 9 o’clock on a Friday night.

So we Googled “bars” and jumped in the car yet again.

I could re-cap the weekend for hours. There was a lot of senior citizen karaoke, pudding shots (is that really a thing??), a fall festival at a Nursing Home , gas station stops to ask what the heck there was to do in that town, and beer.

A whole lottttta beer.

Little sleep. Lotta Beer.

We literally laughed until we “peed a little” and took a ton of stealth iPhone videos of the locals. It was a complete nothing town and we loved every moment of it.

When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Literally. We asked at the teenager at the local Friendly’s what she would suggest out of towners do for the weekend. She responded by saying…

“Well, there is a public library in town. Or yous could drive down an exit and go to the mall. Buttttt most of the stores are all closed. Orrrr yous could go even further and eventually you’ll find the Walmart.”



We did see the world’s biggest pumpkins. Or at least the biggest pumpkins that I’ve ever seen. When I saw the price tag of $30 I was convinced that I would buy one. Sadly, they were too heavy to even budge with multiple girls trying to lift it.


We also saw the world’s ugliest pumpkins. Aaaaand I decided to buy one. Why? I don’t know really. Probably because it was only $3 and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend $3 at the time. Actually, we hunted for the absolute ugliest one in the pile just because. It is now proudly sitting right outside our pretty front door — just hangin’ out being ugly.


We saw pretty things too.



We ate at restaurants that didn’t even own plates. I’m not kidding! They brought us food in those little paper hotdog containers that you could buy at the fair. When we asked for plates they just handed us a big box of napkins. Thanks!

Suzzette and I actually sang karaoke and sucked miserably. Kim took a video and don’t you worry your hiney off – it’ll make it’s way to YouTube.

Needless to say (but here I go saying it anyway), we had an absolute bangin’ time over the weekend. I feel like I could sleep for six days and still be tired. And I’m not sure if I’m ever going to want to drink beer again (okay, maybe not until Friday Winking smile ).


Time for bed! These guys missed me this weekend and need some serious Momma time. Maybe one of them will get lucky and sleep on the other half of my very lonely King sized bed. Maybe.

As always, goodnight!



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