Dogged Out

I can’t post another dog picture today. I’m definitely dogged out for the moment. I was flipping through my camera today and all I saw was dog after puppy after dog after… BLAH! It’s exhausting!

No dogs for the blog today.

I have a super funny story for you this evening. It all has to do with…


Yesterday evening the husband and I had a fantastically long phone conversation. Typically when he calls me there are other people in the room with him, but not last night! Conversations are just a little more personal and intimate when you are not sharing them with 15 people, yes?

We joked about people in our neighborhood, discussed weekend plans, and dreamed about being together. We laughed, oh man, did we laugh!

Just so we are on the same page — Alex is a little trickster. He comes home hours before he says he’ll be there just so he can catch me without make-up on and mouth full of peanut butter (true story). He routinely tells me that he’s going to be late and when I get home from work, abracadabra, he’s already there!

I, on the other hand, cannot keep a surprise for the life of me. I buy a gift for Alex and a blurt it out as soon as I get home just due to sheer excitement. I bought Alex an iPad and I told him about it before it was even delivered. You know, oh well! It’s the thought that counts right? And it was just as surprising when I told him about it than when he actually had it in his hand – RIGHT???


SO… anyway! Last night we had a fantastic talk, I watched Dexter, wrote a little posty post, and headed to bed.

Sidenote: When Alex goes away he leaves his phone home with me. I let him know if he gets calls/texts from friends and I return calls to anyone trying to get in touch with us about home repairs.

I went to charge his phone last night and noticed that he had a missed call. It was from some weirdo number and apparently they left a voicemail.

Clearly, my curiosity was flowin’. I HAD TO LISTEN TO IT. (Remember this is on Alex’s phone…) So here was the voicemail in the most serious voice I had ever heard:

“Hey me, it’s me. Give me a call later. Bye.”

I instantly recognized that voice that I love so much! I died laughing and proceeded to listen to the voicemail 5 or 6 times. I followed it up with a hilarious e-mail to the husband applauding him on his sneakiness. We talked for almost an hour earlier that evening and never once made any inclination of his little message. If it was me I would have blabbed my head off as soon he picked up the phone.


Maybe it’s one of those you had to be there kind of things, but I certainly got a kick out of it!


Have you experienced any good trickery lately??


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