Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Moooorning!

It’s time to rise and shine!

As a child I had never heard that Good Morning song. My parents or siblings never irritatingly sang it to me to convince me to get out of bed. My dad would often reach his hand under the bottom of my blanket and start tickling my feet. My mom, on the other hand, would just yell from the bottom of the stairs or flip the lights on. Oh, the difference between two parents…

However, as an adult – Alex likes to sing it. Alex really just likes to sing, but he also gets a kick out of watching me get annoyed early in the morning. In fact, when we first lived together his alarm clock played Eric Hutchinson’s “Outside Villanova.” It was absolutely dreadful. While I like Eric Hutchinson, I really don’t want  someone screaming at me in the morning saying, “GET UP! It’s time to go to work!”

No, thank you.

Oh – you don’t know the song? Check it out. Remember – the alarm was just the chorus.


For an alarm clock, it’s absolutely awful (isn’t it??). Getting him to change his alarm clock was one of my first obstacles. He still likes to play it from time to time (just to annoy me) but that’s wayyy better than hearing it every day.

This morning I was not rudely awakened by a crappy alarm song and I got out of bed in a fantastic mood. I got to talk to the man for twenty or so minutes and we giggled about the silly dogs and our plans for when he gets home. It was glorious.

Then I headed outside! The boys were ready for another photo shoot to show their Dad how big they’ve gotten in the last month.



(“ ‘Cuz we’re the two best friends that anyone could ever have!”)




(How could you not love this face??)


Now I finally have two sleeping pups and a quiet house.


It’s the perfect time to down some coffee and get the day started. Today will include:

  • A long run with HunterBud (he’s the best running partner… well, besides a husband but we can’t get picky now, can we?)
  • A complete sweep of the house. Two long haired dogs = lots of tumble weeds (aka balls of hair) floating along the hardwood.
  • Brushing both dogs with the Furmintator and possibly a bath for both.
  • Getting some paint samples form my home away from home (Home Depot).
  • Laundry
  • Maybe a trip to Home Goods.
  • Internet shopping for rugs and a hand vacuum.

Time to get started!! Have a great weekend!


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