All Over the Place

This post has no rhyme or reason to it and jumps around to a ton of different topics. It took me over 10 minutes to try to brainstorm an appropriate title. I finally gave up and called it what it really is. I guess it’s still better than “Untitlable" or “Should I delete this?”


The Avett Brothers have been controlling my musical enjoyment recently. My mother thinks they sound “a little hill-billy,” but I really enjoy their sound and the message they send with each song. Not everybody is into this kind of music though. I think that you need to harbor you inner folk singer to really appreciate it.

What do you think? 

Like the song? Check out “I and Love and You,” “Head full of Doubt/Road full of Promise,” and “January Wedding.”


Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The line, “always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name” at the very end of the song is another one of those lines that just sticks with me! Try to get over the beards in the video and I think that you’ll like it. Smile

Any who — Tonight, I feel very accomplished. Isn’t that such a filling and satisfying feeling? My goal is to feel this way more often! After work, I ran three miles and cooled down with another half mile. I’ve been trying to opt for runs lately over my normal Insanity workout to try to give my routine a little more variety. Each time I run – I run faster, longer, and feel even better once I’m finished. In the past when I’ve ran, I typically did so on a treadmill. I got bored easily and hit running plateaus often. Since the weather has officially cooled off, I’ve been trying to take advantage of nice days and run outside. I now find myself actually enjoying outdoor runs — I never thought that I would be able to say that!

It probably doesn’t hurt that I get this dude for a running partner.


(Don’t judge his squished up face! This guy is tired too! Not only did he push me through a run, but he had to deal with a hyper little brother when we were finished.)

Once I was finished with my run and had a nice, long chat with that guy that I’m seeing (aka husband), I ate a quick dinner and got a ton of studying done. The license that I’m currently working on comes with a 900+ page book to basically memorize. I read over 40 pages tonight, which really is a lot. Dry, painful textbooks always seem to take forever to get through! I’m trying to cram 4 months worth of work into an 8 week study plan, so please — wish me luck!

I’m looking forward to getting a full night of sleep tonight so I can wiz through some more studying tomorrow (You know, after a full day of work and all). I feel like I have said this before, but I really have such a respect for people who work full time and are enrolled in school. College classes (no matter the level) is one thing, but toss in work, and kids to the mix – holy busy-ness!

It’s time for me to kick the mutts back to their own bed and get some shut eye.


I know this picture is a little misleading since Hunter is curled up and Bailey is stretched out, but can you believe Bailey is already so big! I feel like every day when I look at him he is twice as big as the day prior. Absolute craziness.

See ya tomorrow!


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