Kitchen Paint Job

Today has been yet another day of learning. Learning when to be patient, when to let others help, and when to put your bad day behind you and be happy about what’s presented in front of you. Thankfully, there are always the people that love you to remind you of what’s important in life.

Let’s move on to the kitchen, shall we?!

When we moved in to our house, our kitchen was orange and had hideous red fruit basket wallpaper. I’m not really sure who thought that red and orange looked good together, but hey – to each their own. A few months ago (okay, like six months ago) we ripped down the wallpaper.



Look how orange that is!!! Yesterday my mom and I taped, spackled, and sanded the walls. The we painted!!!



Here’s how the paint turned out! Keep in mind, that it would look a little more realistic if these pictures were taken in the daylight —




Little changes tend to make all the difference. I’ll get some daytime pictures to show you as well!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Paint Job

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