Anything but Lazy

(I’m sorry that my subscription e-mails have been blank lately! I’m working on getting that fixed – hopefully we’ll be back and running shortly!)


Tonight we’re laying around not because we’re relaxing or being lazy, but because we’re exhausted! It’s definitely going to be one of those nights that I will be completely passed out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Let me give you a quick run down of the weekend:

  • Saturday morning started with a quick trip to the vet. Bailey got his last booster shot and hopefully won’t be returning to the vet until he leaves a little less of a man. (<—There’s really not easy way to put it!)
  • Next on the agenda was a trip to Lowe’s and the grocery store. My mom and I unpacked the goodies and headed outside for some yard work.
  • It was a COLD and misty weekend here in MD, but alas – someone had to get sh*t done. I mowed the lawn, while my mom ripped out dying plants from the garden. It’s been raining so much lately that I had to go over the lawn twice and by the time I was finished, my fingers were frozen!
  • We decided to warm up by making homemade chili con queso. This was our first success with making the glorious cheese dip using only real cheese. There was absolutely not a trace of Velveeta in it and it was completely satisfying.
  • After a wonderful phone call with the husband, my mom and I finished the night off with a few episodes of Weeds.

Moving on to Sunday…


I want to give you a complete overview tomorrow, but just as a preview – here’s what we did ALL day:


All that’s remaining for us to do is putting the electrical sockets back on the wall and pushing the fridge in place. I’m more than thrilled to finally get rid of the dreaded salmon/orange kitchen! Honestly, I’m really proud of all the work that my mom and I did as well.

Alex is such a hard worker and normally contributes to our home improvement projects 10x more than I do. It feels nice to have something to call my own. I’ll show you the final unveiling pictures tomorrow evening!

Tonight was finished up with a little studying and a much deserved shower! It feels nice being super clean (after all that work!) and in a bed with nice, clean sheets. I didn’t even have a chance to watch the season premiere of Dexter.

Good thing I can watch it tomorrow. THANKS SHOWTIME!

Time for me to hit the hay with these goofballs. Goodnight!






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