An OFF Day

I’m having one of those days that it seems like I just can’t get anything right!

Example 1:

It took me four trips going inside the house this morning before I had everything that I needed in order to go to work. Alex called so I guess I was just so excited that I wasn’t forming complete thoughts. First, I forgot my necessary textbook to study. Back inside I go. Then it was my coffee, followed by my breakfast. Finally – I just couldn’t be sure if I put Bailey in his crate. Better safe than sorry, so I ran back inside to double check.

(FYI: None of these pictures of me are new. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve had intensely chapped lips for awhile now. I really don’t need the entire world seeing my “Red Gatorade Lips.” It’s bad enought that I have to go to work looking like I just stepped out of the circus tent. At least I’m being honest. No shame in that!)


Example 2:

After my run this evening I just wasn’t feelin’ a big, heavy meal. I decided to make my mom and I an egg and cheese sandwich. How easy is that, right?


First attempt: I perfectly fried the egg. The cheese was beautifully melted. I went to transport the egg to the toasted potato roll. This is when disaster strikes. The egg nonchalantly slid off the spatula and landed face down on the floor. Fail.

Attempt numero two-o: Now by this time, I was getting a little impatient. I cooked the egg in a jiffy, threw the cheese on it, and waaa-la the sandwich was done! I served it to my mom. As she took her first bite, uncooked egg delicately dripped out of the sandwich. And no, we’re not talking about a little dippy egg yolks. Nope – the other kind of non-cooked egg, whites and all. Fail.

Third go ‘round: I cooked the egg completely. As I go to place the egg on the sandwich, it flips over cheese side down back on the pan. PHEW! I scooped it up super quick before the cheese became a burny mess. Not pretty but edible. Done.

The final forth attempt (my sandwich) was uneventful. Thank goodness!

FOUR eggs, four pieces of cheese, and three potato rolls later, we were fed. Let’s just say that the dogs had their fair share of snackies tonight.


(Oh yes, I just posted this beauty. If you can’t make fun of yourself then what do you have goin’ for yourself? Nothing.)

Example 3:

I got home from work and walked up the steps. Bailey apparently got so excited that I was home that he sprinkled pee all over the front landing in our home. It took me a minute or so to notice and when I saw the pee glistening, I immediately called Bailey over to discipline him. If he doesn’t know that peeing inside is wrong, then what’s to stop him in the future?


I yell at him. “NO Bailey. BAD! No peeing!!” You know, I was justifiably being an unhappy mom. WHILE I AM YELLING AT HIM, he decided that…

“Well, hey. This seems like a good time to pee!”

I really didn’t think that I was so intimidating that I could literally scare the pee out of him, but you certainly learn something new every day.


It’s time for me to retire for the night. I don’t want to get myself in any more trouble.

Before I leave…

How handsome is this guy?


Pretty darn cutie cute if you ask me! And we’ll finish off tonight off with a doggie picture for the heck of it:




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