Terrible Twos

It’s common knowledge that kids are at their craziest when they reach the age of two. Don’t people also say that one dog year equals 7 dogs years or something like that? So, wouldn’t it make sense that my little baby puppy has already reached his terrible twos?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s starting to get his own little personality and he’s beginning to be a little sweetheart. He enjoys snuggling in his free time and every now and then will perform a drive by kiss when his friends aren’t looking. When he’s not a little cuddler though, he’s a pain in the A.


Every time his grandma comes over he thinks he needs to prove that he is the big man on campus and he thinks it gives him the right to pee where ever he feels fit.

He thinks that he needs to fight with his big brother until blood has been shed.

He acts like I’m speaking a foreign language when I tell him to “SETTLE DOWN BOYS” at the top of my lungs.


He thinks that by giving me the cute “I’m such an innocent puppy” face, I’ll forget that all of the sudden he peed in his crate for the first time since we brought him home.

Or that he had to be hosed off in the middle of the night because he was covered in pee.

Or that his Momma needed to wash his bed so it would clean for him to sleep on tomorrow while she goes to work.


I mean, he’s cute and all. But honestly, little puppy dog, I’m not going to forget about how the only way that I can tempt you into your crate is by bribing you with a treat. Do you really think it’s necessary to act like a limp fish if I don’t have a bone in my hand? Is that really fair? Do you want me to act like a limp fish when you start whining and want to go out in the morning?

No, I don’t think so.

I mean really, you were cuter when you looked like this. Your legs weren’t all gangly and awkwardly long for your skinny little body. (Maybe your parents should feed you more, I mean gesh!)



Even though you kind of look like you have a sweater vest on in this picture. No big deal.

Come on, Bailey! Calm your little butt down! Act like a normal dog!


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