In the Dark of the Night

This weekend I’m dog sitting my mom’s dog, Blondie. While Blondie is much older than our pups, he still gets a pep in his step around the youngsters. I now have three golden retrievers bouncing around the house and backyard. Let me tell you — watching them run from one room to another, upstairs to downstairs, back and forth, constantly – is exhausting!

I can only imagine what motherhood is like. Ugh.

I took a doggie break this morning and enjoyed some espresso alone. No doggies around to disturb my peace and quite.


While meandering around this morning, I found a serious and disturbing crime scene. This is nothing to take lightly and I have reported the incident to the proper authorities.

Of course, I took pictures to use as evidence during the criminal trial that will certainly follow. Crimes like this cannot go unpunished. If you get easily grossed out, I would turn back now.





Some rabbit and/or deer decided to trot into our front yard and snatch up part of my beautiful fall décor. How rude! The Indian corn was found 15 feet away from the crime scene, eaten and demolished. Finger/paw/claw printing is currently being performed. The perpetrator will be apprehended. With the help of my partners, Hunter “The Dream Smasher” and Bailey “The Hornet”…


Justice. Will. Be. Served.

Okay, sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. Clearly, I have some sweeping to do. (Thanks little bunny, just what I wanted… another chore!) I’m also going to be leaf blowing in the back yard. Check out this mess…


Not Hunter, he’s not a mess. Just the leaves.

Anywho – time for me to get out of my PJs and get this day movin’. Have a relaxing Sunday!


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