Chug, Chuggin’ Along

Something miraculous happened today. I went the entire day without shedding a single tear.

I woke up and even though all I could think about were the warm and loving arms that I’ve grown accustomed to waking up next to, somehow I managed to just… get up.

That’s all it was. I just got my butt up out of bed. I didn’t feel like my world was going to crash down around me. I didn’t feel like I had to gasp just to fill my lungs with air. I got in the shower and drove my hiney to work. I worked, I studied for four hours, I left.

I was feeling pretty good. Going a whoppin’ 24 hours sans tears is certainly no easy feat! Then…. my phone rang! I spent the next 15 glorious minutes catching up with the husband. He’s made it to his destination after a looong day of traveling. Before he even had time to unpack, he was thrown into a whirlwind day of work. Hopefully by now he’s been able to relax and get some sleep!

Not surprisingly, talking to Alex was the best part of my day. Listening to his voice made me realize just how much I miss him. Even though I was off my rocker excited to talk to him and I can’t wait to speak to him again next, I got off the phone feeling a little lonely.

I’m keeping my head up though. I’m going to keep movin’ along. I just need to find my groove again.

Until I do, take a look at some pictures that I snapped Sunday afternoon. This was one of Alex’s last mornings at home so we wanted to take full advantage of it! The wearing was perfectly crisp. We had to bust out our fall jackets. We poured some steamin’ hot coffee and sat outside. Between the mutt butts and Alex’s new iPad (aren’t I an awesome wife to buy that as a going away present for him??) – we were thoroughly entertained!








I hope everything is well at your home! Thank you for your warm wishes and thoughts over the last few days. Now that I have a husband that is desperate to watch his puppy grow up, I have a feeling that you all will be seeing a lot more of me!

Have a good night!


2 thoughts on “Chug, Chuggin’ Along

  1. Sad to know that Alex will be away for a while, but I’m glad that you will be posting more often. Your posts have a way with brightening my day sometimes. They are always so positive that they just make me smile. I will pray for Alex’s safe return. If you need anything (like WV) let us know! We should be there a lot over the next month.

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