Around These Parts

What our life has looked like lately:

You need to try these. Just don’t forget your glass of milk. They’re unbelievably rich. Check out the recipe here.

Songs that you should check out:

Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch

Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Man of the Hour by Norah Jones

Glitter in the Air by Pink

Ain’t no Reason by Brett Dennen

How Come by Ray Lamontage

My thoughts today:

Dear bed, I miss you. Why do you have to hurt feel so good? I’m looking forward to our next rendezvous. What are you doing tonight? Say, around 10 p.m.? Awesome, see ya then.

Hey work, Things are really starting to look up. You deserve serious high fives for doing a 180 degree flip in the last 5 months. Thanks for making me feel appreciated; I think I’ll stick around for a bit πŸ™‚

MA, Thanks for being a fantastic Gramma to our mutt-butts. They love coming over to your house because they know you’ll flood them with peanut butter, ice, and kisses. You’re doing a great job honing in on your spoiling skills. Future babies – watch out!

Man o’ mine,

How busy was our weekend? I don’t know about you, but I was still exhausted from it when I woke up this morning. Even though we were busy, we filled the entire weekend with things that we wanted to do and get done rather than things that we felt we had to do. We had a day date on Saturday while my mom generously watched the pups. We ate out for lunch and had a mid-day margarita. We went shopping (for ourselves) and had a blast wandering the stores and people judging watching.

We watched movies and fell asleep on the couch together – completely immersed in each other’s arms. We worked in the garden and washed the cars. We stained a new mailbox post and spent hours wandering Home Depot lost in our DIY fantasies. We took an hour long walk in the dark with our boys. We loved. We slept in. We danced in the garage while we worked on our projects. It was all so magical.

Yesterday you told me that you wanted to celebrate my recent successes at work by taking me out to a fancy dinner. You made me feel so special and loved. I’m already looking forward to our night out!

Thank you for making me feel unbelievably fortunate each and every day.

You da best. Love, Woman o’ yours.

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