Little Mutt-Butts

Dear Mutt-Butts,

Lately you two gentlemen have had some jam packed days. First, on Saturday morning you decided to make a little mischief in our backyard. Bailey, you must have been playing under the deck stairs and Hunter clearly got jealous. I’m not exactly sure why you thought this was a good idea, but Hunter – you dug a hole just small enough that  you could squeeze under the stairs and hang out with Bailey. If that isn’t a sign of brotherly love than I’m not sure what is.

Lo and behold, you got stuck under the stairs. After my shower, I opened the back door and called you both to come back inside. I should have known something was up when Bailey sprinted to the door covered in mud. You were nowhere to find though. It took almost two hours to get you dug out from under the stairs and to give you both a bath. For awhile I thought we would have to pull the wood up off the stairs to get you out! With the heat index being 115 degrees, you nearly gave your momma a heart attack. I hope you gave your grandma lots of “Thank You Kisses” for driving over to help your momma get you out!

Sunday was off to a better start. Your grandma and I brought the two of you over to Margaret and Stan’s house out in the country. Like us, they have two golden retrievers and you guys could not get enough of them! You played like the dickens and finally passed out for a quality doggie nap.

As soon as your daddy arrived, we drove the two of you along with Hannah and Moses (Margaret and Stan’s doggies) up to a beautiful and clean lake in Pennsylvania.

Bailey, I’m not really sure that you realized you were about to go swimming when you jumped in the water. You were just following the three big doggies with blind admiration until BANG! all of the sudden, you were surrounded by water. It was a pleasure watching your baby brain process “swimming” for the first time.

It was clear to your daddy and me that more puppy swimming will be added to our weekly to-do list!






By the time we packed up and left, we had a car full of two passed out pups. You slept the rest of the evening, only to be disturbed by dreamful leg kicks as you tried re-living your new favorite activity.

Last night was another big evening for you both! We took you to the vet! Not only did you both behave, but you were healthy to boot! Bailey, the doc said you looked great and assured us that you were going to be a handful (like we didn’t know that already)! And Hunterbud!! You were an absolute dream — a perfect big brother and a wonderful puppy role model. Doc said that what we thought were reoccurring ear infections were, more than likely, just skin irritations. He said that giving you Fish Oil and Benadryl would make you better than ever!

Here’s the best part of the trip – even though we brought 2 dogs (instead of just Hunter) and between the two of you, you got four shots and six months of Heartworm pills – our vet bill was less than half of our old vet bill!!! Clearly we were going to the wrong vet when we were living in our apartment. Reason # 422 of why moving out of the “city” was a rockin’ decision.

We celebrated our vet bill by going to Petsmart and buying you both a new NylaBone. Once we got home, your daddy and I enjoyed the peace that came along with you desperately chewing your new bones with a glass of wine. Thanks for being mostly perfect doggies.

With Love,

Your Fur Mom


Dear man o’ mine, last night you said that you feel you are now able to see the world through my eyes. You compared my sheer excitement and downright enthusiasm to that of a child’s. Your love completely made. my. day. You are the smart to my car. The pep to my step. And the butter to my potato rolls. Thanks for being a BA team with me. Love, NLS.

Happy Hump Day!


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