Letters to Loved Ones Take 2

A few days before our wedding, I posted letters to a few of my loved ones. Not surprisingly, my emotions were out of control and I was desperately searching for the right words to say what I was feeling.

I really don’t think this post requires much more of an introduction. So — a few months later — here’s another letter.

Dear Husband,

Your determination to make our home exactly how we envision it truly inspires me. Your willingness to alter your dreams to encompass mine continuey humbles me. I know you would rather not extend the bathroom just so I can have a whirlpool bathtub, but just the fact that you would toy around with the idea astonishes me.

The amount of time, detail, and attention that you give to every task that you work on is incredible. I have never once heard you say, “That’s it! I give up.” While I on the other hand, I quickly get disheartened. You’re always there though – encouraging me along, telling me “You’ve got this babe. Just a little further.” Somehow, you hardly ever need encouragement. I’ll give it to you anyways, because well, why not?

You’re there to celebrate my successes and just as importantly – support me through troubled times. While we are both far from perfect, you accept me and all my oddities. You are well aware that we are going to have both good and bad days and you love me anyway. You know that sometimes I might get angry, selfish, bitter, and irritated but you’re willing to stick with me as I work on being a better spouse and partner.

How lucky am I?

You make me laugh every day. You know more movie quotes than my mom. You have the ability to re-grout an entire shower, replace a broken toilet, hang new doors, fix plumbing, replace anything on our vehicles, and paint like there is no tomorrow. You treat me as your equal. You love our crazy mutt-butts almost as much as me.

You try all my weirdo recipes even if you swear up and down that you “don’t like” cucumbers, eggplants, onions, celery, peppers, squash, etc. You also slowly admit that you may-actually-kinda like all the food that you used to hate.  You drank red wine with me on one of our first dates even though you previously had an allergic reaction to red wine and you were scared to death that it would happen again.

You inspire me.

You motivate me.

You make me want to be a better wife, friend, daughter, co-worker, sister, and fur mom.

You keep all my notes, cards, and pictures in a bag, in a box, in a drawer, in your closet – as if someone was going to break into our house and that would be the only thing they intended to steal.

Every day I feel blessed. I feel blessed that I get to come home to someone who loves me just as much as I love them.

I feel blessed to call you mine.


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