Sunday Morning Photos

Good Morning! The dogs have been playing for hours already on this sunny and hot Sunday morning. I finally decided to separate them in different rooms so that Bailey will calm down enough for a much needed nap. Hunter’s hanging out in our bedroom and I can hear him crying from the living room. Hopefully he’ll calm down too, then I can finish this post in decent time.

I’ve been a productive little bee this morning. It’s only 9:30 and I’ve already done two loads of laundry, swept all the hardwood floors, watered my plants and garden, and dusted. Eventually I’ll get around to eating breakfast, but for now I’m enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

I’m sure you are just as tired as me of seeing puppy pictures via iPhone. This morning I finally uploaded some of my camera photos to my computer. Let’s see what we got, shall we?









One of the downfalls of being the photographer is that I’m hardy ever in any pictures. I probably have over a hundred pictures of Alex and Hunter when he was a puppy and I’m probably only in a dozen or so. I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t happen with Bailey as well! So far I’m not in a single picture with him though! Maybe we can change that little fact today!

Alex has had a stomach flu/bug all weekend and had to work during the days. Our evenings have been spent on our couch with ginger ale and Gatorade watching numerous movies. Although it’s sad that he got sick, it has been enjoyable just hanging around the house. We really haven’t had many relaxing weekends lately, so it’s really been a nice change of pace.

My mom and I have a play date with two other golden retrievers today! We’ll be baking while the doggies play. Alex will be joining us this evening after work to take the pups swimming! It should be a fun little day!

Time to switch over the laundry and hop in the shower! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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