Holy Puppydom

Remember how I named this blog Life with a Crazy Pup? Well, originally that was true. Hunter was about 9 months old when I started my own corner of the internet and he was indeed, intensely crazy.

He ran around our tiny apartment at mach 10. He chased the vacuum cleaner, he chewed up our sheet rock, he ran after our backyard deer friends, and stuck his head in a fireplace full of (cold) ash.

When we first brought him home, he crawled under our master bed and took a crap. Right under the middle of our bed. Believe me — that was a fun one to clean up.

Soon Hunter turned one and became a little less crazy. All of the sudden, I blinked and Hunter was two. The infant baby dog that I brought home one August afternoon with only partial permission from my future husband was now a man dog. He’s now full grown, mature, and in all honesty – not really that crazy anymore.

Little Hunter running

Sure, sure he’ll still sprint around our backyard trying to herd all of his toys. And yes, he still barks at the vacuum cleaner and thinks ice cubes are God’s gift to dogs. He doesn’t believe in personal space and is fully convinced that he is still 7 lbs and a lap dog. But really, besides that – he’s kind of chill. I apologize that my blog title has apparently been a lie for the last few months!

But, oh my, has all of that changed now! I have grown so accustomed to a low maintenance adult dog that I completely forgot what having a puppy was like.

What? I have to get up multiple times in the middle of the night to relieve someone’s bladder besides my own? BS.

What? I have to chase some creature around our house to make sure that our kitchen rugs do not become his new favorite toy?Bologna.

What? I have to be responsible again and re-learn how to train a puppy? No thank you.

Life with a Crazy Pup has now officially become Life with a Crazy Pup again. No more Life with a Mildly Cute but Tame, Mature Dog. It’s time to forget about Life with a Dog that will Mind his own Business when you are watching TV. All of those days are gone now, kiddos. Life is most definitely back to crazy.

Really I think I should rename my little home, “Life with an Insane Infant Dog and a neglected older Dog that cannot stop thinking, ‘wtf did you people do this for?’.” What do you think? That seems like a reasonable blog title, yeah?

Yeah, he’s pretty crazy. That’s what I get for lying to my readers for all this time. I get slapped in the face with a dog that really enjoys nibbling on earlobes.

Oh, but have I mentioned how cute the little booger is? He gives the cutest little puppy dog kisses with that strangely intoxicating puppy breath. He follows his mommy and daddy around like it’s his job and he adores and emulates his older brother constantly.

Just as we saw with Hunter, he certainly will not be a puppy forever. So, cheers to enjoying his weirdo quirks and craziness before I blink again and realize that the newest addition to our little family is an adult doggie already. And then I’ll need another new blog name 🙂

Happy Friday Folks! What are you doing this weekend?

If you haven’t noticed, it’s 600 degrees outside. The breeze isn’t even enjoyable anymore. It feels like a straight up blow torch on your face. Our air conditioning at work stopped running a little while ago . And I’m on the tippy toppy floor of our building. High fives to our management team that ran out and bought a crap ton of popsicles for everyone to enjoy.

One more hour. That’s all. Just one. more. hour.  

Okay, let’s be realistic. 45 more minutes 🙂


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