Meet Bailey

For a few months now, Alex and I have contemplated getting a second dog. Hunter absolutely loves running around like crazy and playing with other dogs. Since we moved into our house back in January, our friends, Suzzette and Joe, have been bringing over their Aussie (Shiloh) almost every weekend. This has been more than okay with the HunterBud! By the end of the weekend, Hunter is so exhausted that we have to drag him out of bed Monday morning.

As you may remember, our very close friends will be moving to New York this coming weekend. While Alex and I are extremely sad to temporarily say goodbye to them, Hunter will be equally as devastated. He has become used to his weekly play dates and gets more and more excited as the week goes on.

Still, Hunter will have my mom’s dog, Blondie to play with on a regular basis but sadly, Blondie is getting old and has a hard time recovering from walks and Hunter’s abundance of energy.

In addition, we want to expand our little family in the next couple of years. When the baby time comes having two Hunter’s will be a breeze, but having Hunter and a puppy AND a baby will not be. Therefore, our logic has led us to the fact that if we were going to get a second dog – the time is now.

I started looking for available litters about a month ago, but was coming home disappointed every day. There was virtually nothing available. Randomly last Thursday I decided to tackle the internet again and continue my search. All of the sudden, I was finding tons of Golden Retriever litters! As soon as I left work I called the breeders to ask a million questions and then called Alex. We really hadn’t discussed getting another dog for a few weeks and I wanted to make sure he was still on board before I got my hopes up.

I was absolutely astonished with his reaction. He was ecstatic about the available dogs and even more excited when I told them that they would be available as early as this past weekend. Since we had a ton of things planned for the weekend, driving two hours into Pennsylvania really wasn’t going to be an option for us. Alex responded by saying, “well why don’t you call the breeder back and see if we can come up there tonight once we both get home.”


As soon as we were both home, we fed Hunter and packed him into the car. There was no way that we were not going to bring him to meet his new baby brother or sister. Two hours later, we were on a family owned orchard in PA playing with eleven golden retriever puppies! Our newest family addition quickly picked us!

Meet Bailey!

Hunter has quickly fallen head over heals for his new baby brother. They play non-stop! Hunter went from being a young, crazy puppy to a protective, mature, older brother over night! I could not believe the transformation. Alex and I have never been so proud of our big man – but at the same time, I’m slightly sad to see our baby so grown up! I can only imagine what a parent goes through. Alex always tells me that I’m going to be such a needy mom. Probably true. Whatever.

Anyways – now we have two doggies. We’re back to waking up twice through the night and quickly picking up the little guy to rush him outside. He’s only had one accident in the house so far!

For now, you’ll have to deal with some iPhone photos. You know – that whole posting pictures at work using my real camera doesn’t work out for me so well!

Now it’s back to work! We’re crazy busy today and the only thing keeping me going right now is coffee and the Disney station on Pandora. Try it out, it keeps ya young! No one wants to grow up, plus – nothing is better than a little Mary Poppins music mid-day! Oh man, now we’re on Under the Sea. Gotta go – BYE!


7 thoughts on “Meet Bailey

  1. My favorite photo is Hunter standing over Bailey in the car. Now the big question–will you rename your blog? 😉 Congrats!

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