Happy Fourth

Happy Independence Day!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed a little patriotism. Wasn’t it wonderful to have the day off? I had an amazing weekend and cannot wait to share it with you. Hopefully, you put a little time aside tonight – because this is going to be a long one!


Thankfully, I was able to get off work a little early on Friday! Alex, Mike (one of the husband’s classmates), and I jetted up to our place in West Virginia for the long weekend! Even though we left early, we still got stuck in a ton of traffic! Once we arrived, we were greeted with fresh blueberries off the bush, a drink, and a deck of cards by my mom and Donna.


Every morning we awoke with the little chirps of newly hatched birdies.


Our friends, Joe and Suzzette, drove up to the house on Saturday morning. Shortly thereafter, the boys were back out the door. The men drove for over an hour just to find the perfect spot to buy fireworks. And oh man, did they buy some fireworks! When they got back, they were as giddy as schoolboys. They quickly set everything out so we could admire their purchases.


That’s a lot of loot, isn’t it?

Joe and Suzzette are moving to New York in a few weeks. We keep trying to act like it’s not going to happen, but this weekend it was hard to deny. Many times it was mentioned that, “we’ll still have to drive down here from NY for long weekends” or “we can still have just as much fun when you guys come to visit us.” We’ll miss them dearly and I keep hoping that we can find some miracle to change their minds! Of course, we wish them both the best of luck though!!


It was definitely nice to have a weekend together with my fresh husband. Hunter even behaved for some family photo time.


Of course, we cooked a boat load of food. I have so many recipes to post! Just a heads up now that I may be blowing up your inbox/facebook/twitter/google reader with lots of yummy recipes in the days to come!


After the women spent the afternoon cooking while the boys were off gallivanting, the boys even washed the dishes after dinner.


Then they got ready to “blow sh*t up” (as they say)! It was fun watching them act like kids all weekend even though we got tired of saying, “please wait till it gets dark!!!”



We saw lots of crazy wildlife!!



And we chased a GIANT turtle to the get across the road safely!


We spent a fun afternoon out! The Purple Fiddle was a special restaurant that served beer and wine out of mason jars. Thankfully I love mason jars and acquired two new ones Winking smile .

Unfortunately, they were packed and it took over an hour for our appetizers to be ready. You know, hummus is a really time consuming endeavor. We were starving by the time it arrived – but at least, we had some laughs!



Then we got back home and got silly! I asked everyone if this picture was “blog appropriate” and you know what – we decided who cares! We’re married, silly, and in love. Sometimes we show it in weird ways. Judge us if you please, but this is my life and my blog after all!!


I miss these kids already! If I got down on bended knee – could I change your mind about moving???


Oh, and this guy!!! It was such a pleasure to meet a new friend! He was hilarious and really fit in with our group and sense of humor. Hopefully we can talk the Army into relocating Mike, his wife, and three kids from Missouri to the great state of Maryland! We would love to have them as neighbors.


We patiently waited for night to fall. While doing so, my mom and Donna danced their hineys off!


Then the show started!!!




Now, I’m back at home doing laundry and unpacking from the weekend as the dog is passed out in front of the door. I’m feeling uncomfortably full from all the food we inhaled this weekend and I have a feeling that it’s going to take weeks to recover!

Although I may feel slightly bloated, I had something to smile about when I got home! My garden exploded over the weekend. Although, it was a little dry – I was able to pick a few squash (bigger than my head), cucumbers, peppers and strawberries. I now have three pumpkins that are bigger than a cat and little baby watermelons that I cannot wait to dig my teeth into.

I’m off to go gulp a gallon of water and put on a face mask. I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Next up — BLUEBERRY MUFFINS that will rock your socks off!




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