Goodbye Junebug!

Wow, it’s June 30th already?! That was a pretty quick month, don’t ya think? Typically I get nostalgic at the end of anything, but not today! I’m ready for June to bite the dust and for July to show its pretty little face. Here’s why…

Alex has been gone for the entire month of June! I’ve sort of hinted at it a few times, but never actually made the announcement. He’s been in a month long training class about 3 ½ hours south of our house. Since we weren’t too far away from each other, we were able to see each other a couple of times. One weekend I went down there to see him and he made the drive home to following Friday night.

Remember this picture? If was from one of our weekends together!

Overall, I was pretty lonely throughout the month though. Of course, I absolutely loved seeing him those two weekends and it gave me something to look forward to each week, but I was saying goodbye each Sunday and coming home to a quiet house. It seemed like I was re-living the fresh feeling of loneliness each week, which inevitably made me feel more sad. Today – it all changes! He’s coming home and just in time for a long weekend! You know that I’m going to be anxious all day – let’s just hope that work doesn’t slowly crawl by!

Hunter is excited for his daddy to be home too! Can’t you tell?

Next up – it’s time to check out my June goals and see what I was and was not able to accomplish this month. Want to see the entire June goal post? Check it out here.

Here were my three main goals:

1. Drink more water and eat fresher foods

  • How I plan to do this: Drink 1 full water bottle before lunch, 1 during my work out, and 1 before I leave. When I get home – I hope two drink 2 tall glasses before bed. I would like to buy more produce and go to a Farmer’s market at least two times this month

2. Get back into shape

  • How I plan to do this: Go to the gym every day during lunch. No more, “I’d rather catch up on TV shows or read blogs.” If I have to work through lunch (and I mean work), exercise when I get home. I am making a work out plan, so each day I will spend my time more efficiently. I also hope to take at least one class a week and walk the grounds on my morning and afternoon breaks

3. Save some money

  • How I plan to do this: Make a list of food that we need and stick to it. No more aimlessly wandering around looking for stuff to pick up at the store. Limit eating out to once a week. Stop wasting leftovers – when we clean up from dinner, immediately pack some up lunch for both of us for the following day

So how did I do?

I drank a heck of a lot more water than I normally do. During the first half of the month I stuck to my 3 water bottle rule during the work day. However, I sort of fell off the wagon over the last week or so. I’ve only been drinking when I felt thirsty, which has only resulted in about 2 (or less) bottles during the day.

I ate fresh, less processed foods — but I never made it to a Farmer’s Market. My fruit intake has soared over the last 2 weeks, which I feel pretty good about 🙂 I was also able to get lots of zucchini, squash, and cucumbers from my own garden though – so I’m pretty sure that counts!

I went to the gym EVERY day of the work week that I didn’t have to work during lunch. Overall, this came out to three days that I missed.

I continued to walk for 15 minutes twice a day, every day at work and took Hunter on long walks most evening. Here’s my walk view at work:

Although I did not make a strict work out plan, I did take NINE exercise classes, clearly blowing my original goal of four outta the park!

Money was a little tricky for us this month. Since we were apart, we were essentially spending money on the same things (but not together). I did a great job with limiting my restaurant frequency. Some weeks I may have gone out twice, while others I didn’t go out to eat once. (Mainly this was just because I was alone though!)

Alex however, wasn’t home and didn’t have a full kitchen. He ate out most nights with his friends from class and rightly so. He couldn’t make a home cooked meal and needed to seriously unwind after a painful day of classes. He also makes a little more money while he is out of town, so it will all work out in the end. You gotta have faith!

I also had to stop by Costco for bulk items. Since we only have to do this every few months, I spent more than I intended to. I still saved about $350 which in reality isn’t so bad (this amount does not include the amount that Alex saved as well).

Now it’s time for a little revamping for my July goals — stay posted!

How was your June?


One thought on “Goodbye Junebug!

  1. I can’t wait until we start getting squash and cucumbers from my neighbors garden! Yay summertime.

    I’m so glad your hubby is finally home. 🙂

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