Hey, Hey Where ya Been??

I really didn’t mean to leave you guys stranded for so long. I have lots and lots of updates and recipes to share with you, but honestly – I’ve just been busy.

Here are a couple of the things that I have been dealing with lately.

Remember how our toilet broke? Yep, still broken. Trying to track down a new tank before resorting to having to buy a completely new toilet is no easy task. Apparently replacing just a tank is really not that common and has made this a giant pain in the butt.

Last Friday after work my mom and I stopped by my house to let Hunter outside before we went to dinner and a movie. As soon as we walked in the house we knew something was wrong. The entire house smelled like vomit and dog crap. I took a peak downstairs and something was very, very wrong. There were vomit/poop spots ALL over the basement. I’m not kidding.

There were at least 12-15 spots scattered about the basement. I immediately started cleaning them up, while my mom went to the store to buy carpet cleaner in bulk. After a few hours, countless gags, and 25 rags – we had done everything that we could do. Considering that we just bought our carpet a few months ago, the following day I picked up a steam cleaner and cleaned the entire basement carpet.


We still made our movie though! We saw Bridesmaids and found ourselves laughing throughout the movie. Yes, it was funny – but I don’t think it was as funny as people made it out to be. I would still recommend seeing it though!

I also went to a graduation party (Congrats Kaitlin!), spent a boat-load of money on bulk supplies (dishwasher detergent, toilet paper, dog food…), mowed the lawn, WEED-WHACKED the lawn, weeded the garden, scrubbed the refrigerator shelves and the inside of the microwave — and made some delicious food! I, of course, had to breathe for a minute and treated myself to a pedicure.





My mom has been staying with me for a few days and I have really enjoyed her company. We’ve been spending our evenings with dog walks, wine, and a couple episodes of Brothers and Sisters.


Typically, I try to blog during down time at work. Over the last couple of weeks there has literally been zero down time. We are already down a couple people due to promotions and are about to lose a critical member of our support team. I have been trying to pick up all the little odds and ends that need someone to take over, which has filled my day completely. I’m hoping to move up the ladder relatively soon and this has given me a chance to shine a bit. Hopefully I can share good news soon – keep your fingers crossed for me!

Needless to say – I’ve been a busy woman lately. As least you know that while I have been blogging less, I’ve been living more. I’m looking forward to a nice, long weekend with my husband, family and friends! It will be nice to get away and vacate my daily life for awhile! Is it too early to be talking about the weekend already?


Considering that I have been reading few to zero blogs daily (sorry!!), what have you been up to since we last talked???

3 thoughts on “Hey, Hey Where ya Been??

  1. Uh oh Hunter! At least a carpet steam cleaner is a good investment. Those things are awesome and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

    What is that delicious-looking dip? I hope you have the recipe for it:)

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