Ups and Downs of Homeownership

We’ll go ahead and start with the ups! Just over a month ago the husband, our friends, and I built a garden in the backyard. Well, honestly – Alex and Joe built the garden, while Suzzette and I just planted everything…

Anyway, the garden has really started to boom over the last couple of weeks. Every day after work, I immediately go outside with the dog to check on that day’s progress. The yellow squash is starting to get yellow — and big!


While we have had some banana peppers for a couple of weeks, we just got a little baby green bell pepper today!


Our baby tomato is starting to get big, but it’s still green. I expect that over the next few weeks our little guy will start getting red!


Sadly, the cantaloupe plant that I was so excited about is looking more and more like a cucumber plant every day. I’m super disappointed considering that I already have a few cucumber plants – I guess I will be perfecting the art of pickling this year?


We’ve even had some good looking strawberries!


We also have a pumpkin plant that is taking over the world. We have little baby pre-pumpkins that have started growing outside of our fenced off area. Clearly, the pumpkins are going in their own little garden next year!


Random tidbit: I’m trying to perfect my manual photo setting – I feel like I’ll be more of a photographer if I don’t lean on my auto setting. Notice any difference yet?

SOOOO….. Remember that this post was called ups and downs of homeownership? Well don’t think that this post is going to be all about my awesome garden. No, no rangers —  it gets BAD.

Last night I was hanging on the couch watching some TV. All of the sudden, it sounds like something dropped. Immediately I thought Hunter’s tail must have knocked something over and I got up to see what had happened.

Next is something that I really wasn’t expecting. I started to hear the sounds of rushing water. I started to run trying to find the problem. Apparently the tank of the our toilet decided to take a crap on us. IT CRACKED. Yep, the crack starts at the lid and runs allll the way down. I turned off the water and tried to soak up all the water with a bunch of towels. By the end of the night, two bath mats, six towels, and an entire trashcan was full of water.

Now we need to either get a new toilet tank or completely replace the toilet. JOY! At least I was home for it though. Imagine if I was at work or even asleep — we could have had some serious damage!


Why can’t we just call the front office and have the maintenance crew come fix our toilet! Oh the joys of having a house!!

Happy Tuesday!

Editted to Add:

Pssst! Wanna see more garden related posts? Check out these for more information: this one, this one, this one, and this one too!


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