Never thought I’d…

Fall in love with a dishwasher!!


We’ll start at the beginning though — This weekend we…

Drank some espresso


Prepared a lot of food (homemade salsa recipe to follow)


Perfected our team work skills after installing a dishwasher for 10 hours


Fell in love with our new appliance


Were grossed out by what we used to think were clean dishes

(old and then new)






We celebrated Hunter’s second birthday!

(looks like people food…)


(but really it’s doggie birthday cake!)


We also had a BBQ with some of our closest friends! For some reason it went un-photographed.

Now I’m back to Mopey Monday with a serious tummy ache. Wah, wah.


4 thoughts on “Never thought I’d…

  1. Dishwashers are awesome. I never had one growing up but when we bought our house and it had one–awesome. Bonus? My husband does the dishes! I just dirty them up. Double score! And I had a case of Mopey Monday too. I think I had too much fun over the weekend too.

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