With a Little Love, and Some Tenderness

Want a daily dose of Hunter? Check out the new Daily Dog page. Today’s picture was just on Facebook and is in celebration of today’s scorching heat! If you made your way here from FB, you’ve probably already seen this one. Sorry!

So far this month I have:

  • Walked during my morning and afternoon breaks every day at work
  • Taken two classes at the gym (abs & Step Attack) and today’s cycling will make three!
  • Made a few delicious, healthy, and fresh meals
  • Gardened my butt off
  • Participated in a #fitblog chat with other healthy bloggers out there
  • Used 40% of my monthly Pandora allowance
  • Made some decisions in regards to my next career step
  • Drank a boat load of water
  • Only taken my vitamins twice 😦
  • Ran a combined 10 miles so far
  • Cleaned our hardwood floors with our new sanitizer
  • Cut the grass all by my lonesome!
  • Went to the movies on a double date to see Hangover 2

    More editing!

    Morning walk!

Things that I still want to do this month:

  • Call friends to catch up
  • Send out all my thank you notes
  • Run at least 20 more miles (think I can do it??)
  • Continue with all my June goals
  • Use our new fire pit more often
  • Print and frame some wedding pictures
  • Take the pup on more walks in the evening!

Things I’m loving:

  • Hootie and the Blowfish Pandora station (hence the post title!!)
  • Editing old pictures
  • Basil out of my garden
  • Facetime on iPhones
  • The show “Brothers & Sisters”
  • New Twitter Friends
  • Finally getting sore from a workout
  • The sun waking up as early as me
  • My new hose reel (makes gardening so much easier!)

    Baby Hunter

Things I’m not feelin’ so much:

  • Stink Bugs
  • Humidity

Since these are the only two things that I can come up with — I think I’m doing pretty dang well!!

Tell me about your month so far!


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