Honeymoon: the trip up!

Tomorrow marks one month since the day we said I do. It seems like it was just yesterday that we gathered with our closest family and friends to celebrate the beginning of our life as a married couple.


I still have multiple wedding recaps to do, but have decided to wait until all of our professional pictures are done. It just doesn’t make sense to go through the day and then follow up with pictures later. We’re going to skip the wedding day for now and get right to the honeymoon.

Originally we thought we would delay our honeymoon. 2010 and 2011 were big spending years for us and we weren’t sure if we could afford a honeymoon on top of everything else. First, Alex got a new truck and then my car died and I needed a new car about 6 months later. Then, we bought a house. Oh, and we got married. We thought we better save some money and take a big vacation either later this year or the beginning of next year.

As the wedding got closer, the idea of going back to work the following week didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to take some time off work and get away. As much as we love our house, it almost became a burden for a few months. We kept trying to fix that and change this; it was almost impossible to relax at home. We both needed a break from all the work and finally decided that we would take a week trip somewhere that we could drive to, with a ton of activities around, and with relatively low costs.  

After we stopped by my mom’s house for brunch the day after the wedding, we rushed home and quickly packed up. Since our reservations didn’t start until Monday, we decided to leisurely stroll up north and stop whenever we wanted, but we were still anxious to get on our way!

Our ending destination was New Castle, New Hampshire, a small island on the NH coast right outside of Portsmouth. Each day we took day trips to the surrounding areas. Some of our stops included Boston, Maine, Salem, the Budweiser Factory in NH, America’s Stonehenge, and many others. Throughout this post though, we’re going to focus on some of our stops along the way to NH.

We drove through New York City around 6 p.m. and immediately wished we had left earlier. The traffic was gross and made us so glad we do not live in a big city. It’s definitely for some people – just not the two of us! It was beautiful to look at though!


We stopped and had dinner in Connecticut and decided to stay overnight. The following morning we refueled at Dunkin’ Donuts and hit the road. Each time we saw a gorgeous church on the side of the road, we decided to stop. Here are a couple of pictures from a church stop.





Next we stopped by Yale University. Let me just say: Holy Poo! We felt smarter just walking around the campus. The buildings were absolutely stunning; they were so old and gargoyle-esque. The Yale dining room looked like Hogwarts and I’m sure they call it something old sounding like the “Mess Hall.” Although I loved my time at Florida State and University of Maryland, I can’t imagine going to a university with so much history.




After our parking meter ran dry, we got back on track. We drove for an hour or so and decided to stop again. This time we were close to Mark Twain’s house. Sweet!! We veered off course and quickly got annoyed as our GPS lady yelled, “recalculating” over and over again. Once we got there we realized how beautiful Mark Twain’s house is!


We may have gotten bored and started to act like kids….


Of course, we had to stop for a kiss – I mean we were on our honeymoon after all!!


Next stop — our hotel and resort!!! (but first — a recipe 🙂 )


3 thoughts on “Honeymoon: the trip up!

  1. You visited Yale?! I have a friend who lives in New Haven, CT. We went to visit her and take our own version of a Gilmore Girls tour, which included visiting Yale. It’s gorgeous there!

  2. Thats a great picture of you two in front of the cathedral! And now I really want to watch Girlmore Girls.

    I am contemplating driving from DC to Boston and have decided that there is no time to go through NYC. I wish there was a way around it.

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