June Goals

It’s time to get back on track Rangers. Here are some things I’ve been slacking on and plan to work on through the month of June.

1. Drink more water and eat fresher foods

  • Lately, I have been awful at drinking water throughout the day. I normally drink a travel mug of coffee every morning and switch to water around lunchtime. During my lunch gym session, I usually drink a full water bottle. Once I’m back at my desk, I’m lucky if I drink another full bottle before leaving though. Especially now that it’s hot outside – I gotta kick up intake! I also feel like I eat more processed foods rather than fresh and local produce.
  • My June goal: Up my water intake and eat more fruits and veggies.
  • How I plan to do this:Drink 1 full water bottle before lunch, 1 during my work out, and 1 before I leave. When I get home – I hope two drink 2 tall glasses before bed. I would like to buy more produce and go to a Farmer’s market at least two times this month.



2. Get back into shape

  • I was doing so well going to the gym 5 days a week and staying active every weekend!! Once the wedding got closer, using my lunch hour to get things done seemed more beneficial than trying to work out. Then the wedding came. Then the honeymoon came. Now, I’m struggling to get out of my rut. I’ve gained a few pounds, feel sluggish, and have a hard time getting motivated.
  • My June goal: Get back to my comfortable weight — where my clothes don’t feel tight.
  • How I plan to do this: Go to the gym every day during lunch. No more, “I’d rather catch up on TV shows or read blogs.” If I have to work through lunch (and I mean work), exercise when I get home. I am making a work out plan, so each day I will spend my time more efficiently. I also hope to take at least one class a week and walk the grounds on my morning and afternoon breaks.

    During one of my lunch runs


3. Save some money

  • Now that the wedding is over and we have fewer expenses, it’s time to get our budget in check. We eat out often and find ourselves with ridiculous grocery bills. I have hardly been able to save any money over the last few months and really need to get my act together.
  • My June goal: Save 20% of my bi-monthly salary.
  • How I plan to do this: Make a list of food that we need and stick to it. No more aimlessly wandering around looking for stuff to pick up at the store. Limit eating out to once a week. Stop wasting leftovers – when we clean up from dinner, immediately pack some up lunch for both of us for the following day.

    Less of this. (Fried Pickles = Yum)


These bad boys are my main June goals. I feel like they are all pretty hefty goals and because of that, I have some smaller tasks that I will spend a little less time on than I originally planned. These include things such as:

  • Take my vitamins each day
  • Perfect my resume
  • Eat less bagels
  • Run 4x a week
  • Promote my little blog more 🙂
  • Garden, Garden, GARDEN!

What are your June goals?


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