Weekend Trip Numero TWO-O

Bear with me folks, I may have gone to happy hour tonight so prepare for a bumpy ride. There’s this amazing little wine bar in our town that has delectable food. (I always get the Brie and Pear grilled cheese, if you were wondering!) Why is it that the more delicious food you eat, the more wine you want to drink? IDUNNO! Maybe it’s that the white wine (this month’s special is Gato Blanco Sauvignon Blanc) tastes so delicious in the sourcing summer spring temperatures. Or maybe, it’s because it’s so darn cheap during happy hour that you cannot afford NOT to have a glass, or two, or split the third. Either way — this post has quickly turned into a post about alcohol, which I was really not my intention.

Where were we? Uhhh… this weekend! Oh yeah! So… after my nice and thoughtful post last night, here’s all the fun. Remember last night? The awesome creek on the side of the road?


After we finished with our photo shoot (aka loving ourselves) next to the waterfall, we hopped back in the truck!


And yes, there were FOUR of us crammed into a three back-seater. SO WHAT?! We were cruisin’ in style! ANYWAY – we arrived at the lake (our destination) and quickly popped the cooler. There’s only so much local action you can take before thinkin’,  “DAMN, I need a beer.”

Here is everyone else besides me.. You know, the designated photographer and all.

Sike. You all know I was shootin’ this photo with a Rolling Rock in my hand. (MY BEER OF CHOICE BY THE WAY!)


So yeah… we stopped by the lake. Quickly drove home. Got our food on.

Check us out tipsy food-slurping here….


Oh.. and here!


We practiced our shooting…


And we drove the four wheeler!


Rather than eating melted cheese all night, we thought we could use a decent meal. Joann prepared some Beer Butt Chicken for us to enjoy!


After we stuffed our faces with chicken… it was bonfire time!!


And I’m sure you can imagine how the remainder of the night turned out.


  • Bloody lip per hitting chair on wall
  • Massages on the living room floor
  • Passing out after said massages
  • Getting angry because we passed out

You know the deal.


This is going on way too long. I need another glass of wine. Then I need to go to bed. 5 AM comes waaaay too early. See ya in the AM!


P.S – How fun was blogging while tipsy? SO FUN!

P.S.S – Happy ALMOST Thursday Rangers!


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