BOOYA Weekend

Annnnd I am outta here! As a working adult, three day weekends are one of highlights of the year. For some reason, there’s always a buzz going around the office. Everyone is excited and more importantly, everyone is in a fantastic mood.

What are you doing this weekend?

First, I will be celebrating Memorial Day by thanking those who serve in our Armed Forces. The best way to do this is by kissing the first one you see right on the lips! Thankfully – this will be the husband! (Go Army!) Do you love anyone that’s in the military? If not, Alex wouldn’t mind a little extra lovin’! For real though, a big thank you to all the men and women that fight for our rights each and every day. The family and friends of these individuals need to be applauded as well – without you, it wouldn’t be possible. (Let me go ahead and pat myself on the back now 🙂 )

Weekend Plans

As soon as I get my happy butt outta the office, I will be rushing home to pack up! We’ll be going to our house inWest Virginiaand I CANNOT wait. This weekend last year – Alex and I got engaged. Less than a year later we’re happily married!

Maybe this weekend won’t be as life changing as last year, but I’m still super pumped up! My mom, Joann, Suzzette and Joe will be joining Alex and I! This is the first time that Suzzette and Joe have been able to join us, so it should be a DYN-O-MITE time! In fact, the boys had the day off and are already up there getting a head start on all the fun!

I will surely check in this weekend with fun pictures of our adventures!!

Enjoy your time off!


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