Funny Google Terms

If you’re not a blogger, you should know that I can actually view what you type in to Google that brings you to my page. Most people who search for my blog through a search engine know what they’re looking for. Usually, searchers Google something like “life with a crazy pup” or “crazy pup blog.” A few of you know me in real life and Google my name. It’s a little scary that that’ll get you here as well.

More often than not though, you all Google super funny things that miraculously land you in my lap. Whenever I check my home page and see a funny Google term, I stand up and announce it to all my co-workers (because I’m really secret and hush hush that I blog at work). We all get a good giggle from them. I have hundreds to go through since I started my blog last February, so I want to share with you some of the best.

Can you believe that somehow – someone Googled these terms and wound up here at Life with a Crazy Pup?!

Funny Google terms over the last year (my comments in italics):

  • Crazy Yoga (15 people Googled this, whaaaa?)
  • Students Sweating Cartoons while Testing (How do you sweat a cartoon? Those are some big freaking pores!)
  • You’re a Bad Banana(So am I. It’s okay. Let’s start a recovery group.)
  • Cycling Dog (Hunter has many talents. Cycling is not one of them)
  • Pile of Hair on Floor (Ew.)
  • Comcast (We’ve had our disagreements, Comcast! Give me back my OnDemand!)
  • Free Pictures of Snowy the Surprise Puppy (Maybe we need a new hobby?)
  • Unknown Pleasures (Better left unknown.)
  • I’m very Amazed (You too? Awesome!)
  • Grandad Pushing Bike to Work (This is strangely depressing)
  • Grandad Sitting on Suns (Aaaand this is just weird)
  • The Big Dudes (Who doesn’t like a big dude? Unless they mean, then they can go back to their biker bar.)
  • Do not even wish him Merry Christmas + No Contact + Dating (This person just sounds mean! Everyone deserves being wished a Merry Christmas)
  • I saw what you did and I know who you are (Are you the person that drove past my house and screamed my name out of the window. Super Creepy.)
  • Early days of Steelers (Steelers are bangin’. No questions asked)
  • Embarrassment Story – Diarrhea (I’m fairly sure that I have never divulged my embarrassing bathroom stories on here. I could be wrong though.)
  • Advic 4 bein crazy in life (My advice: Learn how to spell. Read a couple books. Stop drinking so much. Have some dang confidence and stop getting with guys that treat you like crap)
  • Why don’t my dogs have black noses? (I wish I knew honey. Oh, I wish I knew. Whatever you do — DO NOT WebMD!)
  • I like undressing when I’m alone (Good for ya! I was happier not knowing)
  • Crazy Life Maniacs (I live a rather calm life. You found the wrong site, although I’m happy you stopped by!)
  • Shall we open our birthday presents from work colleagues at work (Probably not. I get anxiety opening presents in front of people. My vote: No!)
  • Buttons (Oh do I have a story about buttons!)

Which one is your favorite??

If you are a blogger, what are some funny terms that people have Googled to get to your page?

Thanks for the entertainment folks. Check back in later on for a fun recipe and more wedding recaps! Is there anything you can’t wait to hear about? Let me know! I’d love to write about it 🙂


10 thoughts on “Funny Google Terms

  1. My Faves:

    -You’re a Bad Banana (I’ve heard the saying, “you’re a bad apple” before but not this one)

    -Why don’t my dogs have black noses? (who cares what color your dog’s nose is?? people are so silly)

    -Grandad Sitting on Suns (this makes no sense. there is only one sun in our galaxy and granpa would not be sitting on it)

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