Wedding Details – Gifts

One of the most important, yet easily forgotten details of planning a wedding is the gifts that you give everyone who has helped you along the way. For months, we went back and forth as to what we wanted to get our loved ones! We just couldn’t decide.

There were so many people that helped us financially, emotionally, and even just by getting things done throughout the last year! Of course we would have loved to provide them with the extravagant and luxurious gifts that they deserved, financially – that wasn’t going to be an option. We found ourselves trying to gett them all something nice and meaningful without draining what was left of our bank accounts.

It was tough folks!

Here’s what we ended up getting!

My mom & Alex’s parents:

We started with a large, double picture frame. It’s a mirrored silver, which allowed us to engrave and personalize the frame. On the top, left frame we engraved our full (married) names. On the right frame we engraved our wedding date, May 7th, 2011. It was similar to this frame, but contained room for larger pictures (And didn’t say Daddy’s Little Girl on it).


Once we get our professional pictures we’ll be fillin’ those bad boys up!

For my mom – we also got her a rock (cocktail) glass engraved with a cursive D (for Dottie!) and our wedding date. Along with her cocktail glass, we got her the older, high-end version of her favorite rum. 🙂

For Alex’s parents we got them each a wine glass with a cursive C and an M (for Corry and Mike, respectively) and our wedding date below. We paired this with a nice bottle of Riesling (Corry’s favorite!).


For the dudes, we got a super cool knife. We actually found the SOG Twitch II knife at Bass Pro Shop after much hunting. We also got the knives engraved! On Dave’s knife we had “Best Man 05/07/2011” on the actual blade! On Brian and Joe’s knives – “Groomsman” was on top of the date. The guys all seemed to really enjoy their personalized gifts!

Thanks for the picture, Joe.


All the bridesmaids received genuine pearl drop-down earrings that we found at Kay’s Jewelers. Donna, also picked up pearl bracelets! I had a pair of the earrings as well, so although we all had different dresses and weren’t all matchy-matchy at the wedding, we all had the same earrings.

They look similar to these…

All girls look good in pearls.


Austin, my (now) nephew, was our ring bearer on the big day. We wanted to give him something special for his big role in our wedding! We got him a silver, pewter mug from Things Remembered. We had his name, “Ring Bearer” and our wedding date engraved on it for him. Maybe in 15 years he’ll be drinking beer out of that mug instead of his drink of choice (OJ) now!

Flower Girl

Lucy, one of our family friends, was our flower girl! She did such a great job tossing those petals!! She walked down the aisle with confidence and a big smile! Of course, we wanted to get her something special!

Lucy got a jewelry box that we picked up from Things Remembered as well. You can even wind it up for music to play! And surprise, surprise – it was engraved as well! Check it out here. 

So, how did we do?


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