Our Garden!

Yesterday I mentioned that we spent the majority of the weekend building a vegetable garden in our yard. Of course I took a million pictures throughout the process; I just didn’t have them at work yesterday when I wrote the original post. Well kiddos, I have them today.

First we started with a butt-load of wood. Alex did his measurements and bought thirty 8 foot wood beams. We ended up only having 3 or 4 extra, which is pretty nuts that we went through that many.


Alex and Joe got to play with the compound miter saw that I gave him for Christmas last year.


We picked the spot in the yard that we wanted the garden located and started digging. There was a whole lot of grass and dirt that needed to go.


Here’s our plot while the boys were still tearin’ it up! Our job (Suzzette and I) was to dig up the dead spots in our grass and transport the sod that came from the garden plot to the dead areas. It was hard work!


The boys finished up on Saturday by building a fire pit by our deck. Didn’t they do a great job?


Suzzette and I put together our new Adirondack chairs. These chairs are pretty easy to put together and super comfortable. They make the perfect lawn furniture and I highly recommend them. We bought these at Home Depot for $29.99 a piece (which is really cheap). Soon they’ll be even nicer when we stain them!


We also made sure that we took plenty of breaks to spray Hunter with the hose.


Here you can see the boys measuring the areas before they sawed the wood to the right size.


And now you can check it out all put together and bolted down!


Next, we hurried up and planted our bounty!!


Check out our box full of herbs!


I’ll keep you updated as the garden progresses throughout the summer.

Editted to Add:

Pssst! Wanna see more garden posts? Check out these for more information: this one, this one, this one, and this one too!


16 thoughts on “Our Garden!

  1. Love, LOVE you garden!! I want one like that so badly, but we’ve been drowning in home projects and haven’t gotten around to it yet. Your’s is gorgeous though!

    And that is a great price of those chairs. Hubbs built our Adirondack chairs and the material cost was $40

  2. I LOVE your veggie garden. What kind of vegetables and herbs are you growing? Also, what a deal on those chairs! What color were you guys going to be staining them? I can’t wait to see:)

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