Rehearsal Dinner

Did you miss the days leading up to the wedding? If so, read up on it here. Remember that if you miss anything along the way, you can always check up on the Wedding tab and get refreshed on the entire wedding planning process. Also, I recently updated my “About Me” section. It’s still getting some tweaking, but check it out here.

On to the Rehearsal Dinner!

After my freak out on Thursday and my pampering session on Friday, I was ready to get the wedding ball rolling! Friday night we had our rehearsal dinner! We decided to have the dinner at my mom’s house rather than having it at a restaurant like most couples do. We had so many out of town guests that we wanted included in the dinner and none one felt like a restaurant would be the best the best venue.

We didn’t want to have to limit the number of guests due to restaurant and budget restrictions. We also wanted the night to have more of a party feel rather than a standard dinner atmosphere. Overall, the night was a big success and a good time was had by all!

We started the evening off outside, sipping wine and enjoying the beautiful weather. We enjoyed homemade food prepared by Alex’s sister and mom. We talked, laughed, and of course listened to great music!

By the time Pastor Brian arrived to practice “I Do,” the rain started. Rather than walking down my mom’s beautiful slate patio outside, I ended up walking down the kitchen hall. We weren’t going to let a little rain get in our way! We did our practicing and skipped over the vows. I never realized that if you practiced your vows in front of your pastor/minister/priest/rabbi means that you’re actually married right then! Obvious, I guess — but I had just never thought about it!

After Pastor Brian left, we continued with our partying. We all enjoyed our drinks and got excited for the following day! I made sure I didn’t drink too much, the last thing I wanted was to be hung over on my wedding day – ugh! We also handed out all our gifts!

When the night was over, the girls went home and the boys went out. Alex took his buddies to his favorite karaoke spot and wooed the crowd with Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs.” Although I’m glad I got to pack and relax a bit, I’m definitely sad I missed it! Maybe we can get someone to post the video on youtube so I can share it with you?? J

Here are some pictures from throughout the rehearsal dinner. These are all thanks to one of my wonderful family friends, Richard. Thanks again, Richard!! And thanks to my mom, all our helpers, and my in-laws for making this special night happen!








See you soon with more wedding details!

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