The Days Prior to the Wedding

As you may remember, Alex and I had multiple sets of out of town guests that stayed with us the weeks prior to the wedding. Understandably, I was a little hesitant leading up to our guests’ arrival. We still had so much to do to get ready for the wedding, not to mention making our house ready for our rooms to be filled.

Now that we’re back to being alone, I can honestly say that I am so happy and grateful we had our guests! First, we had Alex’s parents stay with us for a week. Thankfully Alex has a lot of flexibility with his work hours and was able to take the week off to spend with his parents. They were such a big help to us the entire week! Alex and his dad were able to hang ceiling fans, replace doors (no easy feat!), re-caulk showers, and re-wire some electrical messes. Alex’s mom cleaned up after the men made giant messes in each room, knitted, and of course played with her grand-dog! Each day I came home from work to a pooped household. It was fantastic! 😉

After my in-law’s headed out, it was time for some groomsman! Alex grew up on the west coast and only one of his groomsmen lives in theMarylandarea. Brian and his fiancé, Brandy were first! They arrived to our house on Monday evening and spent their days wandering around DC sightseeing. Every evening we showed them some yummy dining spots around us. Next, was David (Alex’s best man) and Dave’s mom, Gale. Even though they didn’t get in until Thursday night, we still had an awesome time hanging out the entire wedding weekend!

Prior to the wedding, I was never able to meet the husband’s buddies. We all bonded so much, that I can’t imagine if they stayed somewhere else and we didn’t have that time together. I’m already looking forward to making a trip out west to continue the good times!

Here are a couple pictures of our gang during the wedding!! (A big thanks to Richard for being our unofficial official photographer!)





One of my bridesmaids, Liz, also stayed with us for the weekend. (Thanks again, Liz for being a trooper and holding down one of the couches!) Liz kept me sane over the wedding weekend. Whenever I started to worry about something she would look at me and say, “It’s no big deal. Let’s talk about…” Maybe a house full of people was exactly what I needed!

Here we are getting down at the wedding!

It’s wasn’t all jollies and fist pumps though. I also had a minor/major freak out. On Thursday night, which also happened to be Cinco de Mayo, we decided to have a few friends over. We wanted everyone to get to know each other before Saturday night and thought breaking in our bar and patio was the best place to do it!

Well, having a few friends over turned into a house full of 25 people. All of the sudden, I was the host pouring people drinks and re-filling the chip bowls. I loved meeting everyone and showing off our house, but I was tired. I spent the entire day making food and preparing for this shin-dig and I was about to get married! By the time only close family and friends was left at our house, I got super stressed.

There I was washing dishes for an hour after a party at my house a day and a half before our wedding. “Whose great idea was this?” I couldn’t help but to think. Everyone left and Alex got ready to go out with his buddies. I went upstairs to lay down and get ready for bed when all of the sudden — I broke down! I wasn’t sad. I was tired. I was stressed. I felt like a 3 year old that was cranky before bed. I called my mom and immediately started crying. She told me over and over that we would get everything done and it would all be okay.

I didn’t feel better though. Alex made his way upstairs to check on me (partly due to my text messages and partly due to my mom calling him). He just let me cry for a few minutes. It was obvious that I wasn’t freaking out that we were getting married and so he wasn’t worried. Eventually he calmed me down, I hoped in the shower to relax, and finally passed out.

Friday was a nice change of pace! I woke up bright and early and made Belgium Waffles for our crowd. We just received the waffle maker from Suzzette and Joe as a wedding gift and I was so pumped up to use it! Once my belly was full, my mom, Joann, and Jodi picked me up for some pampering! I thoroughly enjoyed getting my fingernails and toenails done and looked smokin’ hot with my bright red eyebrows from an eyebrow wax!

Now I was feeling better!

While Alex was out running errands, I finished up some last minutes details. Place cards were written, ribbons were tied, pictures were put together, and everything was packed up ready to go!

Then it was time for the Rehearsal Dinner! Stay tuned for more!


8 thoughts on “The Days Prior to the Wedding

  1. First off I found my butter recipe clouds parted, sunshine for everyone 🙂
    Second I am super happy you love to take good photos. Third your great !

    • Awesome! I’m glad you found your butter recipe! Let me know how it goes when you make it tonight (I seriously doubt you will wait much longer than that to have some more!) Thanks again for making our weekend so amazing!!

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