Top 10 Reasons to Kick it at MY Wedding

Last August my cousin, Megan, got married. It was our first real, BIG, family wedding. Throughout the summer at every family party, we were all bubbling with excitement. We could hardly contain ourselves! None of us knew how we were going to make it until August 7th!!

We had her bridal shower.

Her Bachelorette Party.

And of course, their wedding!

A couple days prior to the wedding, I wrote the Top 10 Reason’s to Kick it at Megan’s Wedding! I remember how excited I was when I heard my family talking about that post on the day of the wedding. My cousin, Heather, even read the post to Megan while they were getting ready that morning!

Considering it was such a big hit last year, maybe it should be a tradition for every family wedding? Whatdoyathink??

So, without further ado— here are:

The Top Ten Reasons to Kick it at MY Wedding!!

10. Let’s be honest, if I don’t have a bangin’ time at the most-expensive-party-that-we-will-ever-throw, I’ll be super bummed on the amount of money that we will never see again. Hosting a wedding gives you so much more appreciation at the enormous costs involved!

9. If anything, I need to celebrate the fact that every other wedding I’ll ever attend — will not be mine! Being a guest is so much more fun and relaxing!! Who is next, cousins???

8. After the family Easter e-vite literally said, (I’m copying and pasting here, folks!) “I understand there will be dance lessons preparing for Michelle & Alex’s wedding so dress accordingly in something casual & comfortable :)! ”  — I have been preparing myself for hearing the Cupid Shuffle 8 times in one night for weeks now! I think I’m finally ready.

7. Have we seen the rock that I will be sporting that night? Why would I not be celebrating??? 😉

6. I’ll be so tightly squeezed into that dress, people will think that I’m flailing my arms around just to get more oxygen into my lungs. No one will ever suspect that’s just how I dance! SCORE!

5. When else will I have a professional photographer following me around all day? Imagine all the pictures on Facebook! I need to at least pretend I’m having a good time!!

4. I’ve got to show our guests from California, Utah, Florida, Georgia, HOLLAND, Virginia, and Pennsylvania how a Maryland party is thrown!!

3. It will be a nice change of pace from our normal, house renovations and drinking at home like hermits.

2. We’ll be leaving the next day for our honeymoon!! This way if the wedding is a dud — we can escape the next day and try to find a new place to live away from everyone else we know!!


Can't wait for Saturday!


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