Wedding Countdown – 11 days

Things on my to-do list 11 days out:

  • Call wedding venue to make last appointment for Thursday evening — check!
  • Call DJ to make final appointment — check – left voicemail
  • Send e-mail to photographer — check
  • Compile a list of wanted photos — started 🙂
  • Contact people who did not RSVP —
  • Gather final head count and send to caterer  —
  • Select reception songs —
  • Pick out gifts for parents —
  • Follow-up with bridesmaids’ gifts estimated pick-up date —
  • Start looking at honeymoon activities and brainstorm packing needs —
  • Pick up wedding band from Kay’s —
  • Go over flight itinerary with out-of-town guests —

I can think of a millon other things that need to be done, but this is a pretty good list so far.

My mom and I will be brainstorming for the rest of the afternoon and coming up with a day-by-day plan. We’re getting organized kiddo’s! Just in time too, right??

Also, on the agenda:

Dinner at Bonefish with the (almost) in-laws, Alex, and my momma! Bring it on Bang-Bang Shrimp!!

In other news:

I took the plunge and joined Twitter yesterday. In all honesty, I’m not sure why! I know it’s a good way to promote the good ol’ blog and get to know other bloggers. Go ahead and follow me. I can be found at CrazyPupBlog.  I’ll entertain you.

I’m funny, fyi. I’ll make you laugh. Pinky promise.

Okay, let climb down from my high, high handsome horse.

Enjoy your Tuesday and hopefully your weather is as nice as it is here in Maryland!

And I’m out!!


8 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown – 11 days

  1. 11 days? That’s crazy! Those days and the wedding day will fly by so fast so remember to enjoy the day 🙂

    Thanks for the comment….your pup is so cute!

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