Letters to Loved Ones

This morning as I browsed the vast open web, I came across Emily’s Today’s Letters blog. Right away I felt a connection. Her and her husband write little letters to each other through their home and online for everyone to see. Some of the notes are lighthearted and cute, while others are romantic and serious. They’ve been married for six years and have multiple posts on how to keep their marriage strong.

With my own wedding just twelve days away, I’ve been coming across strong emotions that I can’t seem to shake. Of course I knew the day of would be a rollercoaster of emotions, I didn’t think I would start feeling them so early. As much as I would love to ignore them, I’m not sure that’s the healthiest thing to do. I haven’t been able to formulate these emotions into words and communicate them to loved ones, but I know that I need to.

With you as my audience, here’s a few letters to my loved ones as I battle my emotions.

Dear Alex,

I can’t believe we’re going to be husband and wife less than two weeks from now! We only have one weekend left as a non-married couple. I know things have been very stressful lately. We’ve been running around our house like crazy people trying to get everything ready for the wedding. It’s been a lot of work to get the house ready for out of town guests and through it all, it’s been so easy to get frustrated with each other. We haven’t had the chance to take a step back, wash our hands of the ever-growing stress, and remember what this is all for. I love you for everything that you are. All your weird quirks and tendencies just make me love you more. It’s so simple to lose ourselves in all the madness. Once that happens, it’s inevitable that we start to take each other for granted.

I know that this is going to be hard at times, but there is no one else that I would rather spend those tough times with.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for accepting me as I am and embracing all my flaws. Thank you for choosing me to trek through life with and for understanding that there will be both good and bad times. Thank you for providing for me and constantly making the house our home. Thank you for always giving me my favorite bite of pizza and knowing that sometimes I need a good cry. Thank you for loving me freely and without judgement. I know that our marriage is going to be a lot of work and I’m ready to jump in with both feet. I promise that I will always try to better myself and our relationship. I love you!! Is it May 7th yet??

Love, NLS


Dear Mom,

Thank you for making me who I am today. Thank you for being there when I needed to be picked up from a sickness, a breakup, a death, a bad grade, and a missed opportunity. Thank you for driving hours to pick me up because I was too sick to drive home and go to the doctors. Thank you for celebrating all my successes and letting me make my own mistakes. Thank you for the advice, the laughs, and the tears. Thank you for always being honest with me.

When Dad was sick, we were both in pain. I was losing my father and you, your husband. We leaned on each other each and every day. Even though it was such a sad and painful time, our relationship was able to grow and flourish. You taught me how to love and how to move on after a tragedy. As I move on to another chapter of my life, I hope you are able to walk me down the aisle with only joy in your heart. You are not losing a daughter; you are simply gaining a son. Thank you for welcoming him to our family with open, loving arms.

I love you,


Dear Hunterbud,

Hey Buddy! I know it may seem silly to write your doggy a note, but we chat every day anyway so what’s the difference? You really are such a sweet dog. Even when you run through the mulched flower beds and get all muddy, I still love you. I would prefer that you didn’t do this late at night, because I’m usually tired and don’t feel like giving you another bath 🙂 Thank you for your constant affection. One thing I look forward to each day is to come home to your smiling face. It doesn’t matter what my mood is, how I look, or how smelly I am — you love me all the same.

You’re such a cheerful, happy, and cuddly dog! I couldn’t imagine having a better dog. Next time that I’m tired of throwing the tennis ball after 10 minutes in the backyard, just remind me of this little chat and I’ll keep going! I hope that you always feel loved in our house!

See ya soon!! — Momma

The one and only Super Dave!

Dear Daddy,

I miss you every single day. Although I can look back on your memory with a smile on my face and joke about all the good times, my heart still continues to break. Even though I feel your presence with me at all times, I can’t help but to wish that you would be there to hold my hand as I walk towards my future. Man, you would love him, Dad! He’s a really man’s man and reminds me so much of you. He always asks about you and how I think you guys would have gotten along.

I know you will be there in spirit, but what’s a party without you? Who is going to embarrass me? Rather than toasting you, I want to be dancing with you! I know one day we’ll be dancing again and I feel bad being so selfish, but I can’t help it. It’s not just me though; I know Mom would want to dance with you more than anything in the world! We all want to hear your laugh. We all want to take a shot of Captain with you, not for you. We all miss you. And we’re going to miss you on May 7th even more.

Until next time we chat,

Your lovely daughter.


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